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It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

I’m continuing on with the highlander/time-travel novel I’m writing. This continues from my post 3 weeks ago..


“Well, we are definitely not meeting under the right circumstances,” he said, waving her over to a chair. As she sat down, he walked back to his chair behind his desk. “Losing Beatrice was a shock for us all. She was a lifetime client of his office and a very good friend.”

He opened a drawer on his desk and pulled out a folder, opening it in front of him.

“Mr. Howe,” she said as she watched him quickly thumbing through some documents. “I do not understand why I needed to come all this way. My father said you could have taken care of everything long distance and yet you made it sound as though I had to come.”

He nodded, still looking through the papers. “Aye. You did need to come. It was your grandmother’s wish that you do so.” Looking up, he shrugged. “She always had reasons for everything, though I will admit even this request makes no sense to me. First let me go through the legalities, and then I can show you the information you will need during your stay.” Nodding, she waited. Lifting up a legal document, he quickly scanned it. “If you would like me to read her entire will, I will do so, but most of it has to do with the sums she left different charities. But the part pertaining to you and your family is about…here.”

He cleared his throat and read. “To my son Broderick, I leave my townhome and everything within it. To my grandsons Nicholas and Andrew, I leave a sum of ten thousand pounds a piece. To my darling granddaughter, Jasmine Lea MacLeary, I leave the most important thing of all. And no, I will not state it in this will. Upon my death, you will use everything at your disposal to find and bring her here to England to find out what she has been left. It is of upmost importance that she be on British soil when the news comes. She will need to be here a minimum of one month. Once she arrives, you must show her the DVD I had made in privacy. While she is viewing the video, you may open my instructions attached herewith. Then, once she has viewed it, give her the full packet marked McVeerens and follow my instructions to the letter. Any deviation and Xoope and Howe will not receive the money I have set aside.”

After placing her grandmother’s will back on the desk, he pulled out a small cardboard container. “We have a room set aside where you can watch this in privacy. Are you ready?”


WIP Title – Mystic Torch
WIP Blurb – For Jasmine MacLeary, coming home was not as joyous as it could have been. For she only came to England at the request of her grandmother’s solicitor and only after hearing that her beloved grandmother was dead. She thought she was there to get things in order. Nothing prepared her for the quest her deceased relative sent her on.

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