A huge thank you @CorbinsBend

Hello, everyone. I want to take today to thank a few people. Yes, this is about Corbin’s Bend. But it is about so much more than that. 
First, let me thank Staci Taylor from the original LazyDay, for accepting the crazy idea of a series of spanking romances from different authors in the first place. And thanks +Bethany Burke for being completely behind it when ABCD Graphics bought LazyDay out. Blushing Books is completely behind us.
A huge thanks to the first round of authors: +Emily Tilton +Tara Finnegan +Cara Bristol +Constance Masters +Kate Richards +Kathryn Blake & +Maren Smith . They jumped into the crazy pool before we knew how it would go and made an absolutely fantastic Season One. 
With Season One doing so well, I was thrilled that some of Season One came back with manuscripts for Season Two and for the new authors who wanted to join in. +Tara Finnegan +Corinne Alexander +Constance Masters +Etta Stark +Livia Grant +Maren Smith +Rayanna Jamison +Ruth Staunton They made Season Two just as amazing as Season One and definitely kept the bar high.
Love in the Rockies is such a fun collection. I hope everyone loves the updates our authors gave some of our favorite characters. Join me in thanking: +Constance Masters +Kate Richards +Kathryn Blake +Etta Stark +Ruth Staunton for their amazing work.
And I am thrilled to say Season Three is well on its way to being just as fantastic from the manuscripts I’ve read so far. So thanks to the Season Three authors – some who have already been involved with Corbin’s Bend as well as a few new names, whose books will be released beginning April 22nd. +Holla Dean +Maggie Ryan +Livia Grant +Rayanna Jamison +Corinne Alexander +Ruth Staunton +Thianna Durston 
And most of all? THANK YOU to our fans. I am so thrilled every time one of you tells me how much you love Corbin’s Bend and would move there in a heartbeat. I would, too 🙂 And I am looking for some stalwart fans who might want to help lead our Around the Bend site. Interested? Contact me on Facebook
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s true it takes a village to raise a child. And I think Corbin’s Bend is definitely out of its infancy and is ready to stride forward. Don’t you?
If you love the series and have considered writing for it – we’re actively seeking manuscripts for Season 4 and beyond… Come be a part of Corbin’s Bend

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