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Howdy, Saturday Spankos! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day. 
This week I’m giving you a snippet from one of my Backlist – The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin.
I love these two men. I really do. Blake is turning 40 and knee-deep in a midlife crisis. Unexpectedly, he develops an online relationship with Dusty, a 34-yr-old dom. This is their love story. 
In this scene, Dusty has just spanked Blake, trying to break Blake’s cycle of depression and self-loathing for thinking it was his fault his parents died years ago.

The next breath he drew in was ragged and he pushed up and looked at Dusty, his eyes red from crying and tears staining his cheeks. “I know logically that the accident was not my fault, Sir. But logic does not always make sense in my head. If I had not asked them to hurry—” 
Dusty quickly interrupted. He needed to get this through Blake’s thick skull. “Blake, from what Brian says you’re missin’ a huge chunk of the story about what happened to your parents. I know you don’t want to believe it, but it truly was not your fault. It was just a freak accident.”
He looked down and leaned across the tree again, seeming intent on wallowing. Not about to allow that, Dusty swatted him lightly on his ass. “Ouch!” he chuckled. 
“Well, get up or I’ll think you want more.”


The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Available at:

     Barnes and Noble


Length: Novel
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Blake Loughton was pretty sure life was over at the age of forty. All he did was work, work, work, except for the few hours a week he spent online with a dominant who seemed to get him. When he met his dom in person quite by accident, it changed everything, especially when he fell in love with the man behind the online persona.

At thirty-four Dusty Brandon had been involved in his alternative lifestyle for ages, but hadn’t had a sub in years until he met Blake online. The more he knew him, the more he wanted to take things further. Getting through Blake’s barriers used all the knowledge he had, but getting his boy to move to Texas took even more.

Join Blake and Dusty on their journey from meeting online to the moment Sir collars his boy. A BDSM erotic romance sure to make everything worth it. Two men. Dominance, submission, kink, and love. The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin – an erotic romance you won’t want to miss.

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