My review of the 50 Shades movie – not quite what you expect #50Shades

Okay, so I just got home from watching the movie 50 Shades of Grey. You might be wondering why I even went to see it given my disdain reguarding the books – well all of this is explained below….as well as why I think this movie is worth seeing.
First off – I hated the book. I never even got through the first one. 
A: It bored me. 
B: It bored me. 
C: She broke the fanfiction contract anyone who writes and publishes fanfiction signs to not making any money off their fanfiction 
D: She made all the characters who were IN to BDSM psychotic. And she did so little research into it, she had no idea what she was talking about when it came to anything BDSM or D/s related.
Now, that said, I had no hopes for the movie. None at all. This morning, I decided the movie would be so bad, I’d instead write a review of the cinematic quality – you know, from a film making perspective. Only one problem with that.

I fucking loved the film.

I loved both Christian and Anna. Yes, I think sometimes Jamie struggled with his role of Christian – but hey, I think a lot of ‘nilla men would. But from the moment Christian looked Anna in the eye and said, “I don’t make love. I fuck.” I was his. Totally. My fucking kind of man.

You need to look at 50 Shades of Grey not as a movie made from a lousy book that made MILLIONS of dollars. Instead, go looking for a nice romance with quite a few hot scenes.

I do wish Christian had insisted that Anna submit to some aftercare after the 6 whaps with a belt, but…that’s the submissive in me talking.

With the movie, they removed so much of the stuff that bored me into DNF’ing the  book.

My ratings:
Dialogue: 4 stars
Characterization: 5 stars for Anna, 4 stars for Christian
Romance: 5 stars
Hotness factor: 3.5 stars

Over all? A firm 4 star movie. Now I just need to wait until the DVD comes out – hopefully with a director’s cut where they put in all the sexy stuff they took out.

Oh, and one final set of thoughts – Elliot was so not what I expected. Knowing that 50 Shades is a Twilight Fanfic and Elliot was actually Emmett, I was pleasantly surprised at who they cast and how he acted. So much better than the I expected. AND the actress they cast as Christian’s mom? Marcia Harden I will admit I would have first seen as Mrs. Robinson…but after the first shock, I think she did a fantastic job as his mother.

Now, when’s part II coming out?

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