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Hello Backlist Monday’ers 😀 Yeah, I missed last week – totally forgot about it 😀
This week, I thought I’d feature a snippet from A Holiday Beginning, one of the 2 Corbin’s Bend stories in A Holiday Duet. 


Cautiously, she pulled in next to a large SUV, and rolled down her window as he walked up to her door. “Hey, Kenzie,” he said with a grin, leaning in to give her a kiss. “Mom and Dad are about to leave, so Dad backed out of his spot. This way you can park in the garage.”
“Oh, okay. Thanks.” Kenzie could feel her light olive-toned skin flush as the door to the garage opened and she pulled inside. She knew Cory’s parents liked her; they had accepted her with open arms when he’d brought her home over the Thanksgiving weekend. But for them to know the two of them were going to be here alone for the next few days was kind of embarrassing.
Before she’d even turned the car off, Cory opened the door, holding out his hand to help her out. It was one of the first things she had noticed about him when working at Lerner’s
Groceries in Boulder. He was a gentleman. At his age of twenty-one, that was a bit shocking. Other guys the same age would treat her right for a night, but then expect something at the end. In the three months they’d been dating, while he had made out with her, he had never pressured her for more than she was willing to give. Cory always treated her like a lady, which was a rather heady experience. Of course, he always insisted she treat herself the same way. That was much harder.
“Hey,” she said, as he pulled her to her feet and into his arms.
“Hey,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss her; a long, leisurely kiss that made her knees quake and her heartbeat speed up. Pulling back slightly, he leaned his forehead against hers. “I’m glad you came up.”
“Me too.” His arms hugged her lightly against him even as his hands slid to her rear end and squeezed lightly. “Cory,” she gasped, with a giggle. “Not where everyone can see.”
He grinned. “We’re in Corbin’s Bend, Kenz. Nobody would think twice about it.”
Nobody would think twice about it. Such a unique concept. Kenzie had thought she was a freak for being fascinated with spanking. Until Cory told her the entire town he lived in was built on the premise of being a spanker community. While she hadn’t seen or heard any spanking going on during the time she’d been there in November, Cory had promised to spank her this weekend. And oh, how she looked forward to it. Her rear end tingled with anticipation.


A Holiday Duet
2 Corbin’s Bend novellas

Available from: Amazon || Blushing Books || Barnes & Noble

The holiday season is celebrated in many ways. In this Holiday Duet from Corbin’s Bend creator Thianna D., you get two celebrations in one. Benjamin, Jonathon, and Cory are good friends and this holiday season, they receive their own unique gifts. 
Cory’s girlfriend Kenzie comes up for the weekend and finally he can show the girl he loves everything Corbin’s Bend has to offer in A Holiday Beginning. In You’ve Been Gifted, Jonathon—overcome with stress—receives an unexpected gift from a Secret Santa and it turns the worst day of the year into possibly the best. Especially when Benjamin sees it.
Join Cory, Kenzie, Jonathon, and Benjamin for a fun, loving, and exceptional holiday. For while the Corbin’s Bend orchestra is mostly heard during the spring and summer, these two couples manage to create a holiday duet of their own.

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