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It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

I’m taking a break from the Highlander story for a few weeks to give you a few snippets from Knowing What She Needs, a Corbin’s Bend update story on Brent and Char…what are they doing this Valentine’s Day? Continues on from last week…


Glaring out at the falling snow, Brent’s fingers tapped an uneven melody on his jeans. This weekend was not turning out like he’d planned. If the snow didn’t stop soon, his surprise might not happen, and that would suck after all the time and preparation he’d put into it.

“They say it’ll be a couple more hours,” Jonathon said in a tired voice after getting off the phone. Looking at his watch, Brent grimaced. It was already 12:45.

“Fuck. I need to get Char out of here and to the cabin.”

“Calbert’s willing to come in and help,” Jonathon reminded him. “I’ll call Ben to come pick up Kayla and you two can go. Come on. Your mood is getting as dark as Charmagne’s is reputed to be.”

“Am I that bad?” Brent thought he’d kept most of his annoyance to himself. He never would want to take it out on anyone, let alone Jonathon.

“No. I just know you too well.” Picking up his phone again, Jonathon pushed a couple buttons. “Hey, Ben… No, we’re still waiting for power… I know. Hey, want to come pick up Kayla?”

The happy shout through the phone made Brent grin. Both of her godfathers adored their little girl.

“Perfect. I’ll get Brent to—” Jonathon’s voice cut off when pounding footsteps on the stairs told them someone was coming and fast. “Hold on, Ben.”

Calbert Jolly of the housing board and one of Brent’s best friends, walked quickly into the room, a scowl on his face. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he growled. “You should be on your way right now.”

“Got a bit held up,” Brent reminded him.

“The fucking community isn’t going to fall apart if you’re away. Everyone knows if there’s a severe power outage that there is emergency housing in the community center. Adam’s already getting the word out and his wife, along with Jenna, Marilyn, and Charles are already unpacking the emergency chairs, sleeping bags, and cots you’ve got in storage. Don’t be an idiot. Oh,” he added with a smirk. “You fuck this up and I will kick your ass.”

Jonathon chuckled. “Yeah, that was Calbert… Great. See you soon, love.” He hung up, his lips still quirked in amusement. “Ben’s on his way over. He’ll help with setting up the emergency supplies until Char and Kayla arrive. Then he’ll take her back home with him.”

“What does he do to make her go all gaga when she sees him?” Calbert asked in annoyance. “She loves us all, but Benjamin might as well be Santa for how she reacts.”

“He has tea parties with her,” Jonathon explained. “Honest-to-god tea parties with the tiny cups and itty-bitty foods at a miniscule table with chairs only a munchkin should sit at. He even dresses up in his dress uniform and pulls out her chair for her. Oh, yeah, and he calls her Miss Kayla.” The smile on his face was filled with such fond affection at the memory of it, that it was obvious he thought it was adorable.

Calbert snorted a laugh even as Brent chuckled. His daughter had asked him so many times to have a tea party with her and when he did, he found out “It’s not like with Uncle Benny.” He didn’t mind, though. It was nice for his little girl to have so many people she considered family.

“Okay, well I ain’t doing that.” Calbert turned back to Brent. “Well? Get a move on, ya bastard. You’ve got one hell of a surprise to give your woman.”

“That I do.” Walking around, his desk, he locked up and grabbed his keys. Time to start this weekend off right.


Knowing What She Needs
Part of the Love in the Rockies boxed set

Available: Feb 2015
Check in on 6 of your favorite couples with new stories from Corbin’s Bend for Valentine’s Day.
Winter has been oppressive too long and Charmagne Kendle feels like she’s about to climb the walls. While she loves Brent, his need to take care of others when she thinks he should be home with her comes to a head on Valentine’s Day when the community suffers a massive power outage and instead of spending the day with her and Kayla, he’s at the dome working on community stuff. She knows it’s illogical, but at the moment she doesn’t care.
Brent knows the woman he loves is stressed and has a surprise in store to help lessen it. When she explodes, he sets her straight with an over-the-knee spanking that turns into a night of passionate lovemaking. Once she calms down, he delivers the best Valentine’s Day gift she could have received. Stress gone and having reconnected in the best way, when help is once again needed from the man she loves, Char has a choice to make: Accept it willingly. Or Detonate. One decision controls their future. Will she make the right one this Valentine’s Day?

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