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It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

I’m taking a break from the Highlander story for a few weeks to give you a few snippets from Knowing What She Needs, a Corbin’s Bend update story on Brent and Char…what are they doing this Valentine’s Day? Well, they’re apart for one…


“I miss you,” he said simply.

Her answer was a soft sigh. “I miss you, too. Waking up with you gone was not pleasant.”

“Sorry, baby. But half the community lost power with the new snowfall after someone ran into the pole that held the transformer. We’re almost there.”

“I know. I promise I’ll be in a better mood by the time you get home.”

“Char,” he chided. “Don’t try to put on a good face for me. Everything’s going to be fine.”

“Don’t start with me,” she snapped before taking a couple deep breaths. Oh, yes. Charmagne was well into a fit.  Not being able to express it with their daughter so close, she was building up like a volcano and it would erupt if he wasn’t able to mitigate it soon.

“Charmagne,” he said in a firm tone. “Put Kayla in her room with a book and a couple cookies. Tell her you need some downtime and go into our room. I want you standing in the corner for thirty minutes minimum unless she needs you.”


“Now. Turn off the oven. The cookies can be baked later.”

“Fine,” she said in a huff. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.” The line cut off and he shook his head. If this was the old days, she would have slammed the phone down in his ear.

“Is she okay?” Jonathon asked hesitantly. The man adored Brent’s girl and daughter and would do anything for them.

“Working herself up into a snit.”

“Damn. You could leave now, you know. The rest of us can handle it.”

Brent smiled at the man so many people overlooked due to his introverted nature but who had the warmest heart on record. “We’ll be fine. It might be best if she hits overload today. By tomorrow she’ll need to be in a much calmer mood. Now, do we have more updates?”


Knowing What She Needs
Part of the Love in the Rockies boxed set
Available: Feb 2015

Check in on 6 of your favorite couples with new stories from Corbin’s Bend for Valentine’s Day.
Winter has been oppressive too long and Charmagne Kendle feels like she’s about to climb the walls. While she loves Brent, his need to take care of others when she thinks he should be home with her comes to a head on Valentine’s Day when the community suffers a massive power outage and instead of spending the day with her and Kayla, he’s at the dome working on community stuff. She knows it’s illogical, but at the moment she doesn’t care.
Brent knows the woman he loves is stressed and has a surprise in store to help lessen it. When she explodes, he sets her straight with an over-the-knee spanking that turns into a night of passionate lovemaking. Once she calms down, he delivers the best Valentine’s Day gift she could have received. Stress gone and having reconnected in the best way, when help is once again needed from the man she loves, Char has a choice to make: Accept it willingly. Or Detonate. One decision controls their future. Will she make the right one this Valentine’s Day?

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