Call me vanilla. It’s the new kink. #nillaproud #kink #BDSM #spanking #sex #lifestyle

When did vanilla become a bad word? I’ve always enjoyed the scent and taste of vanilla. It clears the palette. And it’s a wonderful base to pour chocolate sauce or strawberries on. Both figuratively and physically. But for several years, I’ve heard people in the kink realm turning up their nose at people who don’t practice the kink they do. Instantly, they label them vanilla. 
You like being tied up? Cool. 
You like being spanked? All right!
You want me to what? Whoa! I didn’t know people actually did that.
Have sex with my girlfriend while I watch? No? Vanilla bitch! You aren’t kinky at all.
I used to think these people were stupid and just unbelievably closed minded. Think about it. Looking down on anyone for their sexuality just makes you look like a total asshole. You are part of a community where you should respect others kink choices, whether that be to be fucked by a baseball bat, have rape play, be pee’d on, or even to have vanilla, non-kinky sex. Personally, for me, only one of those appeals, but if someone else enjoys the others? Great! More power to you! But don’t expect me to – or even to enjoy reading about it.
A reviewer labeled one of my books as ‘vanilla’ because she preferred dark BDSM. Okay. At the time I was annoyed, but now. I’m proud of it. 
Call me vanilla. It’s not an insult. To vanilla you can add anything and make it tasty. Hell, vanilla is tasty all on its own. So, for those who feel bad because someone calls them a ‘nilla – own that word loud and proud. You’re an individual, not bending to the crowd. 
Plus, with everyone getting into 50 Shades, kink is no longer kinky. It’s the new norm. Which means that vanilla is the new kink 😉

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