She could make up her own mind #WipItUp #wip #highlander #timetravel

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

First off – Merry Christmas Eve πŸ™‚ Anyone rushing out to get last minute gifts? Mind if I laugh at you? *weg*

For this week’s post, I’m contining on from a WIP I had you vote on a couple months ago. Remember the Highlander/Time-travel romance I started? This continues from where that post left off.


β€œJas, they can work through an attorney here in the states,” he had maintained. β€œThere is no reason for you to go there.” Broderick had tried to insist, going so far as to refuse her access to the fund her mother had left her when she died, just to stop her going. But Beatrice’s attorney was ready for that and they paid for the trip.

Taking off work had been more than easy. She was a teacher and the school year had just ended by the time she received the notice. Unfortunately, that did not quell her fear that her father would be most upset with her when he received the letter she sent just before she left. Hopefully he would still speak to her upon her return. After all, she was twenty-two years old. Jasmine could make up her own mind.

A fact she had to keep reminding herself the entire flight.


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