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This week we’ve got a book for you from a slightly different genre – young adult metaphysical romance 
First in the Tryad Series
Author: Cynthia Kimball
Coming December 30th in ebook and print from Limitless Publishing.
Kaylee thought learning energy work was fun, especially as it got her from here to there with barely a thought. 
Back from energy camp for her junior year in high school, her carefree use of energy is noted by two new teenagers in town: Heath and Vane.
Annoyed at and attracted to them at the same time, she doesn’t expect to find out the three of them are part of a Tryad. When all three energies combine, nothing can stop them from doing anything they want.
The more the three of them interact, the more intense their energy.
When a man intent on controlling them attacks, they flee to train together. 
Until he kidnaps Kaylee’s parents… 
With no time to prepare, Heath, Vane, and Kaylee must face this man and try to rescue her parents before it’s too late. 


“It’s nice to meet you, Kaylee,” Jeradine said with a nice, warm smile, so unlike her son. “Moving to a new place isn’t easy and unfortunately Heath and his siblings have had that too often of late. We’re hoping this is our last move for a while.”
“At least until after I graduate high school would be nice,” he said in a deep, rumbling voice. “Have you been to the new high school yet?” he asked, turning to look at me, his dark eyes searing into my skull.
“No,” I said slowly, keeping my eyes on the rug in front of him. “I’m going to check it out this afternoon.”
“Oh!” Mom said, clasping her hands together. “Maybe the two of you could go together.”
“Actually Dad’s coming home and we’re going,” I said with a rush, unable to believe Mom wanted me to have anything to do with danger boy.
“It would help Dale a lot if he didn’t have to leave work today,” she said. “And this way the two of you could become friends. What do you think?” she asked him, cornering the two of us.
“I’m fine with it,” he said offhand.
Unable to stop myself, I glared at him, surprised when he winked back. Obviously he’d expected my reaction. “Fine,” I said slowly, barely able to keep my voice even as my eyes narrowed. “I’m heading out at two.”
“I’ll be here. Shall we take my car?” His words came out polite, but he mocked me with his eyes and face. I really didn’t like him. Not one bit.
“That would be wonderful,” Mom cut in before I could counter. “Kaylee hasn’t gotten her license yet.”
I barely stopped a rather childish desire to glare at her and stomp out of the room—my plan to go upstairs and hide in my closet in the dark. Like I said, it was childish—but somehow I held it in. Unfortunately, my churlish emotions combined with the energy outside created something I wasn’t ready for. A loud pop filled the air at the same time all the lights went out. Thankfully there was enough light from outside to see, but it was still pretty freaky.
Especially when Heath’s eyes narrowed and he leaned forward a little, staring right at me.
“Oh, no,” Mom sighed. “I do hate these kinds of storms.”
“We’d better go home,” Jeradine said. “Heath’s younger siblings were fine, but in the dark they might not do so well.”
“Oh, of course.” Mom quickly stood up and walked the two of them out of the room.
Before they left, Heath turned back to me. “See you at two, Kaylee.” His voice dipped down below where our mothers could hear him. “And work on that glare. It’s pitiful.” My head whipped around and I glowered at his retreating form. His laughter floated back to me.
For the first time in my life, I understood the word insufferable.

About the author:

A lover of literature since her mother read to her as a child, Cynthia has a special passion for stories with fun, humorous heroines and slightly different heroes. If a book has humor, happiness, and a twist, she loves them even more.
A writer of young adult and adult romance, fantasy, and metaphysical works. She truly believes that life is only what we make of it.

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