#FREE until noon ET Dec 9th, A Holiday Beginning @CorbinsBend #spanking #romance

A Holiday Beginning
#FREE until Dec 9 at noon ET
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Cory Denison was raised in Corbin’s Bend and felt strongly about loving discipline. Now that he was in a relationship with a beautiful girl, he was ready to introduce her to the joys spanking could bring. The chance for her to come spend three days with him right before Christmas was too good to pass up.
Kenzie Langley has been on her own since she was fourteen: no family, few friends, but with a solid sense of hope. Now she would spend three days and nights together with her boyfriend and she looked forward to entering this spanking world she’d dreamed of. All her life, people had let her down, but Cory had shown her over the three months they’d been dating how trustworthy he was.
This holiday might be a beginning, but by the end of the weekend, they came to an unmistakable conclusion. One that could change the course of their lives forever.

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