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It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

On Nov 13th, my 4-story collection Library Tales is released. Thought I’d tease you with another helping… This is from the second story: Room 453. Margaret is the teaching assistant to Professor Broddington and he sent her to one of the rare documents rooms at the university library to get something for him. Her undeniable curiosity gets her into a little bit of trouble.


She knew she should leave the room immediately and take it back to the professor, but for the six years she had been at the university, she had never seen anything in the rare documents area that came in a box. Curiosity was one of her major personality traits and as usual she could not deny it. Figuring the professor could last a few minutes longer, she placed the box on the small table that sat across from the file cabinets and reached for the box of gloves. The only reason she was allowed in and out of the rare documents area without supervision was she took a yearly class and test on how to take care of valuable items.

After the gloves were on, she pulled off the shallow lid. Inside was a group of items that confused her. They ranged in size and shape and she looked for a document that would explain them. There was none. “What does Broddington need with this? There isn’t even a document enclosed,” she murmured, starting to pull the items out and placing them on a clean towel.

First, there was a piece of leather that looked like a belt except it was folded over and had designs burnt into it. Then there was some sort of wooden item that looked like a finial, except it had a rounded bottom. It had a round point on one end and got progressively larger, then dipped in before going out to a smaller rounded end. One item had a small ball made of what looked like rubber that was attached to several thin leather pieces.

There were ten items in all, the last four being what was unmistakably leather cuffs of some sort with chains attached. When all the items were out of the box, she looked back in, surprised to see a drawing on the bottom of the box. Placing the box under the light on the desk, she stared at it, her eyes growing wide while she squeezed her thighs together as her pussy grew damp. It was a drawing of a woman naked and restrained with the ball thing in her mouth and the leather swinging at her ass.

Gasping, she dropped the box back on the table and jumped back. Her eyes landed on the items. What would Broddington want with those? He was old! Well, maybe not old, but he was in his mid to late forties. Taking a deep breath, she tried to think. He said he was doing research. Of course, he had been working on a talk he was giving on ancient human sexual practices. Maybe this was one of those.

For some reason, that reasoning disappointed her.

Shaking her head at how stupid she felt, she began to place the items back in the box in the manner she had removed them. When it came to the last item, she fingered the leather. It was worn and soft as though used a lot. She wondered what had happened to the woman it had been used on and her panties became even wetter.

The clearing of a throat made her look up in shock to find Professor Broddington looking at her with a frown on his face. “Did I not make it clear I needed that box immediately?”


Library Tales
Release date: November 13, 2014
Libraries, the ultimate home of eroticism. The stimulating nature of books – not just of their tales, but in the scents and sounds, not to mention that ‘having to keep quiet’ quotient that allows for so much fun.
This collection of erotic tales (three formerly released as individual stories and one new tale) all involve that sexiest of all places. Join Britta as she’s punished for having a little too much fun at work. Watch as Margaret and Professor Broddington use a room in the university library for their private dalliances. Join Camilia as she fights an unwinnable fight against a vampire who insists she surrender to him. And follow along with Taci as she discovers the hidden delights of LinconStone Manor.
After these stories, you just may look at libraries in a different light. Four libraries. Four erotic tales. Which library would you prefer?
Pre-order from:

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