A little more of A Holiday Beginning #SatSpanks #romance @CorbinsBend #spanking

Hello, Saturday Spankers~! Here’s more of A Holiday Beginning. Continues on from last week’s snippet. And A Holiday Beginning isn’t the only Holiday-esque story I’ve ‘hopefully’ got coming out this December. You can also click here to check out a tiny snippet from You’ve Been Gifted.


Before she’d even turned the car off, Cory opened the door, holding out his hand to help her out. It was one of the first things she had noticed about him when working at Lerner’s Groceries in Boulder. He was a gentleman. At his age of twenty-one, that was a bit shocking. Other guys the same age would treat her right for a night but then expect something at the end. In the three months they’d been dating, while he had made out with her, he had never pressured her for more than she was willing to give. Cory always treated her like a lady, which was a rather heady experience. Of course, he always insisted she treat herself the same way. That was much harder.


A Holiday Beginning
A Corbin’s Bend Short Story
Coming Soon From Blushing Books

Cory Denison was raised in Corbin’s Bend and felt strongly about loving discipline. Now that he was in a relationship with a beautiful girl, he was ready to introduce her to the joys spanking could bring. The chance for her to come spend three days with him right before Christmas was too good to pass up.
Kenzie Langley has been on her own since she was fourteen: no family, few friends, but with a solid sense of hope. Now she would spend three days and nights together with her boyfriend and she looked forward to entering this spanking world she’d dreamed of. All her life, people had let her down, but Cory had shown her over the three months they’d been dating how trustworthy he was. 
This holiday might be a beginning, but by the end of the weekend, they came to an unmistakable conclusion. One that could change the course of their lives forever.
Now, on with your spankings!

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