Tonight’s punishment will be a little different #SatSpanks #spanking #vampire #librarytales

Happy Spanking day! Wait – isn’t every day spanking day?

I’m excited to say this coming week, I’m releasing a collection of library tales. 3 of the 4 have been released as individual stories previously but were pulled from release last January and have been re-written and re-edited, not to mention the fact I have a new one based on libertinage…as the Marquis de Sade enjoyed it.


“Tonight’s punishment will be a little different,” he said calmly. “You are an adult and have been with me long enough to know what you should and should not do, and yet you still seek to do things you should not. Before you mount the sawhorse, you are to remove your pants.”
“What!” she shrieked in shock. 
“You are starting with twenty for what you have done, Camilia. For every minute you delay, I add ten more.”
Her mind raced to figure out what she could have done to not only give her twenty, but to also require her to be pants-less. His spankings hurt over her jeans; she could not imagine the pain without them. 


Library Tales
Release date: November 13, 2014

Libraries, the ultimate home of eroticism. The stimulating nature of books – not just of their tales, but in the scents and sounds, not to mention that ‘having to keep quiet’ quotient that allows for so much fun.
This collection of erotic tales (three formerly released as individual stories and one new tale) all involve that sexiest of all places. Join Britta as she’s punished for having a little too much fun at work. Watch as Margaret and Professor Broddington use a room in the university library for their private dalliances. Join Camilia as she fights an unwinnable fight against a vampire who insists she surrender to him. And follow along with Taci as she discovers the hidden delights of LinconStone Manor.
After these stories, you just may look at libraries in a different light. Four libraries. Four erotic tales. Which library would you prefer?

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And now for some more spankings…

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