Her Boyfriend’s Submission by @Cherish_Desire for #CSSundays #erotica

For our 2nd Coming Soon Sunday post today, we have Her Boyfriend’s Submission by Cherish Desire.


“I’m sorry,” she kissed his shoulder while stroking his arms.  He was expecting her to take the ball gag off, but Priya didn’t intend to let him off so easily.  “You didn’t practice enough.”
Alvin was carefully rubbing his arms, and he reached up to take the ball gag off himself.  He stopped when Priya froze and glared at him in rage.  “Wha?” he managed to muffle through the breathing holes in the soft silicon ball.
“Do not ruin this for me,” she was grim and determined.  “Can’t you wait another five minutes?  You know that it won’t even take you that long.”  Priya’s heart beat faster when she saw how well shaming Alvin worked to control him.  “I mean… you’ve been doing so good…”  A little praise – something that she didn’t need Max to remind her to provide – went much further than lavish rewards.
He nodded and pushed his hands into the bed.  They moved together until his body slipped over hers, long limbs and lean torso covering her feminine and rounded form, and Priya welcomed him into her moist embrace as soon as his swollen cock brushed against her pussy.  The ache of the big plug in his bottom wasn’t enough to counter his rigid need, and the ball gag just made it harder for her boyfriend to catch his breath as Alvin plunged into Priya’s softness.
Reaching back, her small hand slipped over his ass and found the base of the plug.  Priya intentionally pressed the smooth handle deeper into the cleft of Alvin’s buttocks in time with his feverish lunges into her pussy.  He was panting again, breath whistling through the gag, while his chest was grinding into her breasts, and she regretted that her boyfriend had never learned how to hold back and pace himself.  The motion of his cock began to thrust into the need within her belly, and Priya shivered as her heat began to gather and her breasts were pressed hard into the mattress.  Gagged and plugged, Alvin’s cock was twitching and throbbing within the sensitive grip of her sex after just a few minutes had passed.  His arousal was filling her as he raced toward the summit while smacking into her buttocks.


Her Master won’t allow someone to get between his precious Priya and her perverse pleasures!  Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to know when to mind his own business, and keeping all her sex toys hidden makes it far too easy to put off satisfying her lusty urges.  Max’s twisted suggestions take root within Priya’s frustration, and she begins to insist on taking pleasure from her boyfriend since he finishes too fast to provide her with a proper climatic peak.  Thus begins Alvin’s steady submission to Priya’s dominant urges as he struggles to accept his place on his belly beneath her while she also tries to make up for offending her Master.  Will the ball gag, arm binder, and thick anal plugs be enough for Priya to show Alvin she means business?  Find out!


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