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Today, for Coming Soon Sunday, I’m giving you a second look at Library Tales.

Library Tales is currently up for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes – whichever flavor of eReader you have, there’s a version out there for you. (On Nov 13th, it will be available from Smashwords as well.)

This excerpt is from Libertinage in the Library – the new tale.


“Kneel,” grunted the voice behind her and she bent her knees, pleased when they met floor – even if it was hard floor – a few seconds later. Some of the darkness receded and from the odd flickers, she took it to be some sort of gas lamp to her right.

“Good evening,” said a computerized voice, only this one was feminine. “Ten of you are here to learn about El Libri. Some of you will enter the library. Those who enter may have the chance to join our group. If past precedent is a foreteller, one will join. Those that do not make it into the library will be sent home immediately. There are no second chances and we ask nothing twice.”

So they were scaring people to see just how much they wanted to join. Well, they wouldn’t scare her until she’d seen the library. If it wasn’t everything she’d been told, she would leave, and spill the beans.

“Strip off your clothing.”

The order made several people gasp.

“We do not ask twice.”

Not wanting to lose out, Taci unwound the plaid blanket she had been given and dropped it beside her. Underneath, as required, she wore nothing. As nobody made any disparaging remarks, she felt a little relief. This actually was one of the reasons she had never pledged any society before. She’d heard of hazings where they had the pledges strip and then ripped their bodies apart vocally.

“Five of you will enter,” the voice said.

“What?” said a slightly whiny male voice. Taci recognized it. Ken was in her parapsychology course last term.

“Remove the offenders.”

“Wait!” he and several others called. There was the sound of rustling, someone cried out, and then there was silence.

“Keep your eyes closed as your blindfolds are replaced with something else.” Taci squinched her eyes shut, shaking slightly as the thick blindfold was removed, replaced with something much lighter. “The lace will allow you to see, but not clearly. As all of us are wearing masks, the only thing you need your sight for tonight is the amazing library. Come.”


Opening her eyes, Taci could now sort of see the room around her. Several people knelt on the floor and others stood around the corners of the room wearing half-face masks decorated in a mardi gras style. As the other four stood up, so did she. She wanted to grab her plaid, but was afraid she would be kicked out if she did.

Two large wooden doors in front of them opened and unable not to, Taci stepped forward. One of the people wearing masks waved her onward and she trotted into a huge room. It went further than she could see in three directions. It was true. The library was gargantuan. The only thing she hadn’t known was that it was underground.

“Feel free to look around. Just don’t remove your cover.”

The floor was thick carpet that Taci pushed her toes into, almost groaning at the luxury.

“Of the five of you that have a chance, each of you has a specific focus in what kind of books you prefer to read and activities you enjoy. In fifteen minutes, one – or more – of our own who also has a predilection for that form of literature will lead you to that section and you will learn exactly what we do here in El Libri.”


Library Tales
Release date: November 13, 2014

Libraries, the ultimate home of eroticism. The stimulating nature of books – not just of their tales, but in the scents and sounds, not to mention that ‘having to keep quiet’ quotient that allows for so much fun.
This collection of erotic tales (three formerly released as individual stories and one new tale) all involve that sexiest of all places. Join Britta as she’s punished for having a little too much fun at work. Watch as Margaret and Professor Broddington use a room in the university library for their private dalliances. Join Camilia as she fights an unwinnable fight against a vampire who insists she surrender to him. And follow along with Taci as she discovers the hidden delights of LinconStone Manor.
After these stories, you just may look at libraries in a different light. Four libraries. Four erotic tales. Which library would you prefer?

Pre-order from:
     Barnes and Noble

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