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Today, for Coming Soon Sunday, I’m giving you one of my books: Library Tales. If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you know I have an erotic fascination with libraries. I published 3 short library erotic tales in the past – removing them from production last January when their sales were excessively lackluster. I also have 2 novellas under the Markham Library series.

But I’ve wanted to get a selection of tales out there again – short stories you can read in one sitting that hike up your heart rate and make you wish you were the heroine. I’ve considered re-releasing the three previous tales together, but didn’t think three stories was long enough. So, I wrote a fourth after an enjoyable evening reading the Marquis de Sade.

Library Tales is currently up for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes – whichever flavor of eReader you have, there’s a version out there for you. (On Nov 13th, it will be available from Smashwords as well.)

This excerpt is from the previously released Revenge is Forever a paranormal, vampire spanking tale.


“Good evening, Camilia,” he said quietly. 
She gulped. “Good evening, sir.” On her third day there, she called him by his given name and received ten swats. She had only called him sir since.
“Tonight’s punishment will be a little different,” he said calmly. “You are an adult and have been with me long enough to know what you should and should not do, and yet you still seek to do things you should not. Before you mount the sawhorse, you are to remove your pants.”
“What!” she shrieked in shock. 
“You are starting with twenty for what you have done, Camilia. For every minute you delay, I add ten more.”
Her mind raced to figure out what she could have done to not only give her twenty, but to also require her to be pants-less. His spankings hurt over her jeans; she could not imagine the pain without them. 
“You are now up to forty. Do you wish fifty?”
Grimacing, she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her pants, facing away from him as she could not look at him while doing this, even if it was his back she faced. Quickly she made her way to the offending piece of furniture and got into place. She was instantly aware of how much of her body showed. Why did she choose to wear a thong today of all days?
Instead of tying a blindfold over her eyes, he just fastened the restraints. “All right, while I have you completely at my mercy, I think we need to talk about why you are being punished today. Do you know why?”
She shook her head. “No. My grades are good. I haven’t done anything wrong that I know of.” Geez, she hadn’t even dated since her first month in Edinburgh. He had punished her severely for that; told her she was not to date until after graduation.
He chuckled. “Nothing? Come now, Camilia, think. I will give you a hint. Two weeks ago.”
She stopped breathing for a second. He knew? How could he know? She had been so quiet and he had been involved with someone else. There was no way he could have seen her.
“What do you mean?” she squeaked.
“Playing games, Camilia?” he asked coldly, spanking her five times quickly. She screamed as heat burst onto her ass. Being spanked without pants was definitely bad. “We both know you came here two weeks ago. Now, tell me what you saw.”
Grimacing as this was not how she had wanted to approach this, she tried to decide what to say. In her mind, she would have had the upper hand when she revealed her knowledge, not be tied to a whipping bench. “Well…” she paused and hollered out as he spanked her five more times.
“Quickly, Camilia. My patience is ending.”
Patience? The man had no patience. “Fine!” she snapped. “I came home to ask you if I could quit school and for once that door on the first floor that is always locked was open. William was nowhere to be seen and I went over to the door…” She winced as she felt her body react to both the heat in her ass and the memory of what she had seen. 
Five smacks fell hard and fast. She screamed as the pain exploded over her thighs. “Do not dawdle.”


Library Tales
Release date: November 13, 2014

Libraries, the ultimate home of eroticism. The stimulating nature of books – not just of their tales, but in the scents and sounds, not to mention that ‘having to keep quiet’ quotient that allows for so much fun.
This collection of erotic tales (three formerly released as individual stories and one new tale) all involve that sexiest of all places. Join Britta as she’s punished for having a little too much fun at work. Watch as Margaret and Professor Broddington use a room in the university library for their private dalliances. Join Camilia as she fights an unwinnable fight against a vampire who insists she surrender to him. And follow along with Taci as she discovers the hidden delights of LinconStone Manor.
After these stories, you just may look at libraries in a different light. Four libraries. Four erotic tales. Which library would you prefer?

Pre-order from:
     Barnes and Noble

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