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Happy Backlist Monday! Here’s a snippet from actually my newest Library Tales collection. This book contains 3 previously released tales, re-written and re-edited, and one new one. I’m giving you a snippet from the new one titled Libertinage in the Library.


“Oh,” she gasped, feeling liquid trickle from her pussy. How she loved Marquis de Sade’s works. Many nights, while trying to ignore the darkness outside, she would read 120 Days of Sodom over and over again. This man’s words, from Philosophy in the Bedroom, was the first of de Sade’s works she had read and she recognized everything, including the scene and who was speaking. It turned on every fire within and she suddenly hoped he would do to her what was done to Eugénie.
A slow cold smile crossed his face. “You recognize the titillating words, yes?”
Panting so hard, she gasped, she nodded. “Y-yes. One of my favorite books.”
Leaning in, he whispered into her ear, his lips so close they tickled with each word. “Mine too. I have always wanted to act like Dolmancé and take Eugénie, teaching her the delights of no virtue and complete abandon.” His voice deepened. “Would you enjoy being my Eugénie this evening?”
Holy shit. It was like her dreams all coming true. “Yes!” 
“Perfect. Turn over onto your front. Press your tits against the edge of the bench.”
It sounded painful, which just sent her excitement bubbling. “What are you going to do?” she asked, trying to play the part as well as she could. As well as she knew the words in the book, now was the time to also be herself. Something told her the man standing next to her wanted wanton Taci, not Eugénie.
“Anything I want.”
Scrambling off the bench, her knees hit hardwood floor, but she barely noticed as she pressed her hard nipples against the cushion. His hand smacked her ass making her cry out in surprise. “Against the bench, not the cushion.”
Moving down, she winced as she pressed her overheated flesh to the cold, hard wood. 
“Grab the bench and I wish to hear how much you enjoy my use of your body, young libertine.” He leaned over her, grabbing something from under the bench. Her eyes widened when she realized it was a leather belt.
A soft moan came up from the bottom floor, but before she could concentrate on it, the leather slammed across her behind, making all her hair exit her body in a whoosh. Before she could get it back, the belt fell again. And again. Fire lit up her behind again and again. She was so shocked that at first she didn’t move, couldn’t move with the shock of it. This was how it felt? It certainly wasn’t like reading it.


Library Tales
Release date: November 13, 2014

Libraries, the ultimate home of eroticism. The stimulating nature of books – not just of their tales, but in the scents and sounds, not to mention that ‘having to keep quiet’ quotient that allows for so much fun.
This collection of erotic tales (three formerly released as individual stories and one new tale) all involve that sexiest of all places. Join Britta as she’s punished for having a little too much fun at work. Watch as Margaret and Professor Broddington use a room in the university library for their private dalliances. Join Camilia as she fights an unwinnable fight against a vampire who insists she surrender to him. And follow along with Taci as she discovers the hidden delights of LinconStone Manor.
After these stories, you just may look at libraries in a different light. Four libraries. Four erotic tales. Which library would you prefer?

Available from:
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