It’s a beginning #WIPItUp #wip #romance #timetravel #suspense

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

Last week’s vote was overwhelmingly for my time travel story – and who am I to say no? 🙂 Here’s a little snippet from Chapter 1


“Bring your seats to the upright position in preparation for take-off…”

Jasmine MacLeary heard the words but didn’t really pay attention as she stared out the small window of the 747 preparing to taxi down the runway. She was excited for and yet dreading the month ahead. England was the home of her childhood, the home of her beloved grandmother. Memories brought back mornings filled with laughter and the twinkle in the old woman’s eyes as she told stories of mystic Scottish warriors, whoever they were. Jasmine knew they had been made up, but she had enjoyed listening to the stories as a child. Until her father had a terrible row with his mother and moved Jasmine and her two siblings to the United States where she had been since. So going back to England was like going home.

Only it was an empty home now. Beatrice Tempton MacLeary died six months ago. Jasmine hadn’t even heard about her death until four weeks previous when she received the missive from Beatrice’s attorney, requesting her presence due to some issue with her grandmother’s will. Hearing the woman she remembered with such fondness was dead had been a shock. Having the lawyer insist she come to England had been almost too much. Especially when her father Broderick Tempton MacLeary had insisted there was no reason for her to travel so far.


WIP Title: Mystic Torch
time travel/suspense/erotic romance
Pseudo blurb: For Jasmine MacLeary, coming home was not as joyous as it could have been. For she only came to England at the request of her grandmother’s solicitor and only after hearing that her beloved grandmother was dead. She thought she was there to get things in order. Nothing prepared her for the quest her deceased relative sent her on.

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