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Happy WIP It Up Wednesday. *waves at all fellow participants and to Melody Parks who started it all*.
It’s another WipItUp Wednesday and with Chemistry of Attraction released, I tapped my temple, trying to figure out what to share. Then…it hit me! Can you hear the resounding ‘Duh!’ in the air? I have a Halloween story featured in an anthology that’s actually came out this week! And a bonus? It’s free from Smashwords.


The old wood creaked as Ryan pushed the warped door open. Grimacing at the shriek that came from the unused hinges, he made a mental note to get some WD-40 out of his truck. As the door finally pushed in far enough to step inside, he took a cautious breath and bent over as his lungs rejected the reeking, foul air. Backing up, he turned around, half-coughing, half gulping fresh air. Was getting a free house worth this? Grasping for his inhaler, he shook it and shoved it between his lips, pushing it down and inhaling the precious medicine that would allow him to breathe.
For fifteen minutes, he coughed, hacked, and wheezed before he was able to stand on shaky limbs and turn back toward the door. Hamstead Manor, a stone cottage supposedly from the seventeenth century, had gone through owner after owner over the last two hundred years. Well, maybe owner was too broad a term. Giftee might be more like it. Or maybe just Unlucky Jackal
Ryan had heard the stories. The haunting of Hamstead Manor had been told and retold through his youth. It was said an evil ghost lived here, the last human to actually inhabit the place in peace. Something had happened when he died and he’d been haunting each new owner ever since. The rules were clear. He had to spend two months under the roof to inherit the home free and clear. Anything less than that and it would be held for the next generation.

The Haunting of Hamstead Manor
Ryan thought it was a gift when he inherited Hamstead Manor. Sure, he knew the rumors of something otherworldly living within it, but he figured it was all hype and besides, it wasn’t like he had anywhere to go. After a day spent de-bugging and de-varmenting the house, he found out the rumors were true when he received a life-changing visit from Kallisper Hamstead – who died centuries ago.
After a life-altering night, he had two choices when morning came: run or stay. Which would he choose?
The Haunting of Hamstead Manor is an M/M BDSM erotic tale.

Grave Hauntings Anthology

Just in time to send a shudder up your spine, Grave Hauntings has a mixture of scary, sexy, and downright sizzlingly HOT short stories. The talented authors in this group worked excruciatingly hard to make your evenings seem a touch creepier and the corners feel a bit darker. There’s something for everyone. From vampires and wolves, to ghosts and zombies, to death dealers – well, as far as those are concerned, you might find a friend to hide behind.

This may be a season of fun and excitement for the children as they imbibe too much sugar, but we feel the adults need a Halloween jolt as well. Come celebrate the true Halloween spirit with us.

Authors (listed alphabetically):

Darling Adams
Suzy Ayers
C.E. Black
The Black
Thianna D.
Corey Harper
Eric Keys
Will LaForge
Charity Parkerson

It’s FREE, our gift to you, on this chilling of all Holidays.

Now go on and check out the other WIP It Up posts. You know you wanna! πŸ™‚

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