Have you visited all the stops so far? @CorbinsBend #romance #spanking #blogtour

Chemistry of Attraction is still making the rounds on its happy little blog tour. Have you missed a spot? Here’s where it is – you can still visit and comment…you know, if you want to feed this author’s addiction 🙂

8-Oct Crystal’s Many Reviewers
9-Oct Tara Finnegan’s
9-Oct Kathryn R Blake
9-Oct A Casting Call
         * On Corbin’s Bend’s site
         * On Blushing Books Blog
10-Oct Natasha Knight
10-Oct Cara Bristol
11-Oct SatSpanks
         * Thianna D
         * Corbin’s Bend
12-Oct Rayanna Jamison
13-Oct Katherine Deane
14-Oct Livia Grant
14-Oct Virginia Nelson
16-Oct Patricia Green
17-Oct Paloma Beck
18-Oct Dee Little
18-Oct  Corbin’s Bend Blog

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