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Rich Promise, by Ashe Barker
Thanks you so much, Thianna, for inviting me over this weekend to chat a bit about the third book in my trilogy A Richness of Swallows. Rich Promise is on general release from 31 October, though if you want it now you can get the book on early download from Totally Bound.

Rich Promiseconcludes the story of Summer Jones and Dan Riche. You’ll find the blurb a little further down. The story is told from Summer’s point of view, so just for once I thought it might be nice to let Dan tell us his version of events. In this interview we get up close and personal with the sexy vet.

Me: Thanks for letting me drop in and chat. I know you zoo vets must be very busy, all those lemurs to look after.

Dan: My pleasure. What was it you wanted to know?

Me: You actually met Summer here at the zoo. I think we know what your first impression was, but could you tell us in your own words please?

Dan (smiles to himself): Ah yes, beautiful Summer and Brian the badger. She ran over him in her car, and rather than just leave him at the side of the road she picked him up and brought him here, looking for a vet. I was impressed by that, most people wouldn’t bother. I was smitten from the first moment I saw her. As well as being kind to animals, she was stunning to look at, tall, blonde, an arse to die for. I offered to spank it for her there and then but she declined. In fact, she was horrified. On reflection I could have phrased it better.

Me: But you did manage to convince her…?

Dan: Eventually. The next time I saw her was at a BDSM club I like to go to. I couldn’t believe my luck, and there was no way she was getting out of there without some serious attention from me. We had a nice time that night, even though Summer was still in denial about being a submissive.

Me: The next time you met she tried to punch you on the jaw Why was that, if you had such a nice time?

Dan: A misunderstanding, but her bottom did have to suffer for it. Well, I’m a Dom – can’t have subs swinging punches. And I’d never hear the end of it from my brother. I wasn’t sure I’d ever see Summer again so I was delighted when she showed up at a friend’s wedding, staying at my brother’s house no less. We had unfinished business, me and Summer

Me: In this latest book you and Summer are an item. Do you love her?

Dan: Hell, yes. I loved her pretty much from the beginning. She’s a complicated woman, my little Summer. Unsure of herself, and of her submission. I would never harm her, but she has a lot to learn about our lifestyle and sometimes the lessons are painful. (He smiles, another private smile). She’s keen to learn though, and very rewarding.

Me: Will you be together forever?

Dan: I hope so.

Me: What do you love most about Summer?

Dan: What, apart from the little breathy sounds she makes when I…?

Me: Yes. Apart from that.

Dan: Her courage. None of this has been easy for her. I’m an easy-going Dom, but I do push her hard, and I’m not gentle. I know submission is a struggle for her sometimes, especially when her OCD surfaces, but she doesn’t give up. And she’s a lot less uptight these days. I like to take some credit – a good hard spanking seems to work wonders for her – but really, she’s done most of it herself.

Me: You were right to suggest a spanking then, that first time when she turned up with the badger.

Dan: I was pushy, I know that, but my instincts about her were spot on. So were hers about me. She was right to run. Then.

Me: And now?

Dan: Now, I’ll never let her get away from me again if I can help it.

Me: You sound proud of her.

Dan: I am. Summer is one every special lady.

Me: And she found herself one very special Dom. Thank you for chatting today. Before I leave you to your lemurs and leopards though there’s one last thing I wanted to ask. A Richness of Swallows tells the story entirely from Summer’s point of view. Is there anything you’d like to add? Anything Summer didn’t know about you and you want to tell us?

Dan: Yes, there is. I don’t think Summer had any idea how hard it was for me to let her go that first night. I kissed her, and she responded. It would have been so easy to just push her a little further. I almost did. She would have let me fuck her that night, I know it. And I wanted to – Christ, I wanted to. But she would never have forgiven either of us. So, better this way. I got my girl eventually.

Me: You did indeed. Thank you Dan, it’s been a pleasure chatting to you.

Dan: You’re welcome. Anytime.
Rich Promise – here’s the blurb…
Her secrets stripped bare, only the truth remains. Will it be enough?

Happy, secure, contented with her new life in the rugged West Yorkshire moorland, Summer has everything she could wish for. A Dominant lover she adores and who treasures her, a wonderful job, a new home, friends. She’s respected, liked. Even loved. And above all, she’s safe.
Desperate to share her hard-won security with her younger sisters, Summer starts to lay plans to bring them to Yorkshire to live with her. But this will take time and require careful negotiation. Above all she can’t risk destroying everything by letting anyone learn of her sordid past. Least of all Dan.
But suddenly matters are taken out of her hands. Time has run out and she needs to act, and act now if she is to offer her sisters the safe haven they need. Desperate still to keep her secrets, she has no choice but to deceive Dan.
But how will she accomplish this without the knowledge of her friends, her new employer, and the angry, stern Dom bent on delivering discipline and retribution?
…and finally, a hot excerpt from Rich Promise
I step back to lean against the solid, tiled wall, Dan’s warm, wet chest pressing against me, pinning me in place. I reach up to loop my hands around his neck, abandoning any questions for now, simply caught up in the joy of seeing him again. Dan’s tongue slips between my lips, and I open to welcome him. His hands are on my bum, lifting me up to straddle him. I wrap my legs around his waist, loving the solid nudge of his cock against my pussy.

“I want to fuck you. Now. Are you ready for me?”

“I’ve been ready for over a week. Do it.”

“I need a condom.”

“No, do it now. I’m on the pill.”

No more words, I squeal as he enters me, hard and fast.

“Christ, Summer, you feel good. So tight.”

“More, please…”

“More, please, Sir…” He punctuates his words with sharp thrusts, slamming me against the tiles with each stroke.

“Sir, Sir, Sir!” I scream as he fucks me, clinging onto his shoulders with my hands, my ankles locked together at the small of his back. Every thrust is perfectly angled to hit my G-spot. He knows the geography of my body so well.

“This won’t take long. Are you close?”

“Yes, Sir, I think…”

“Not close enough.” He reaches between us to stroke my clit, sending my pussy into ecstatic spasming.

I squeeze down, gripping him hard, my heels drumming against his buttocks to encourage him to go harder, faster, deeper.

“Now. It’s now, Sir. Oh God…”

“Come for me, Summer. That’s it. I want you to unravel. Now.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Oh, Sir…” My orgasm hits me, catapults me into a rhythmic, pulsing release as Dan continues to pound into me, his cock thick and solid, filling me completely.

“Holy fuck, girl. So hot, so tight…” His curse is accompanied by one last, deep, driving thrust, then he holds still, his body rigid as the hot wash of his semen spurts inside me.

Neither of us speaks for several moments. The only sounds are the constant splashing of the water as it streams over our heads and shoulders, and the harsh whisper of laboured breathing. I hang onto Dan, my body wrapped around his. He doesn’t withdraw, just lowers his hands to form a seat under my bum, taking my weight as he turns to lean his back against the tiles.

“Welcome home, Sir.” I manage to whisper the belated greeting, my words muffled against his slick shoulder.

“It’s nice to see you too. Do you want to see blood tests? Proof I’m clean?”

“What? We’re both clean. We’re in the shower, for heaven’s sake.”

“Unprotected sex, girl. A risky business. And I’m normally more risk averse than this.”

I bury my face in his shoulder. “Me too, Sir. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It was me, and I came in you. That’s the problem.”

“I don’t think it is a problem, Sir. I won’t get pregnant. I trust your word. And I swear to you I’ve never done this before…”

“Okay. I trust you too. So, have you been good while I was gone?”

“Yes, Sir. I think so.”

“Pity. Still, I daresay I can come up with some reason to spank you.”

“Would you do it just because I asked you, Sir? I’d say please. I’ll kneel and everything.”

He chuckles, the sound low and sexy. My toes curl, and my pussy clenches around his still semi-erect cock.

“Oh yes, you’ll kneel for me, girl. And you’ll say please very nicely. And will you thank me too? Afterwards?”

“Of course, Sir. Would you like me on my knees now?” I nuzzle his shoulder, and I’m seriously considering licking his nipple. I wonder if it would have the same effect it has on me? One way to find out.

“What a tempting prospect, you slutty girl. And Christ, that feels good…” He shifts and flexes as I flick his hard, flat nipple with the tip of my tongue. My ministrations don’t entirely distract him though. “But no, not quite yet. First I’m going to wash your hair for you, and rub lather all over your gorgeous body. Then I’ll rinse you. And after that, you can go and kneel in the middle of that perfectly splendid bed of yours and wait for me there. You chose well, by the way, love. I like it.”

“Me too. Did you bring rope?” I do hope so. My pussy is already starting to respond to his wicked suggestions

“Of course. I said I would. Have I ever not delivered on a promise? Red silk rope, as agreed. And peppermint oil.”


“I think you mean, Oh, Sir…?”

“I do. I’m sorry, Sir. Will the oil sting?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Will I like it?”

He shrugs. “Perhaps. But you’ll like pleasing me, I think. And I’m going to love watching you wriggle around as I spread it on your clit.”

I glance up at him, in time to see his eyes narrow. He sucks in his breath on a mock sympathetic hiss and my pussy clenches again, this time in self-defence. Dan chuckles again.

“Keep on doing that, little slut, and we’ll never get out of here.” He lifts me from his cock, holding me until I lower my legs and get my balance again. “Now, stand still, and tilt your head back.”
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Author Bio:

Until 2010 I was a director of a regeneration company in Leeds, in the UK, before becoming convinced there must be more to life. So I left, and at last I’ve been able to realise my dream of writing erotic romance. I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres, and I still love reading historical and contemporary romances – the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.

In my own writing I tend to draw on settings and anecdotes from my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea. But ultimately my tales of love, challenge, resilience and compassion are the conjurings of my own lurid and smutty imagination.

When not writing – which is not very often these days – my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises.  And most recently a very grumpy cockatiel.  I’m a rural parish councillor, and I’m passionate about evolving rural traditions and values to suit twenty first century lifestyles.

I have fifteen (at the last count) titles on general release, with several more in the pipeline. A Richness of Swallows is my fourth trilogy in the Black Combe ‘family’. It’s fine to read it as a stand-alone, but even better if you read The Dark Side, Sure Mastery and The Hardest Word as well. I also have a ‘May to September’ style novella out, a short story in Totally Bound’s Paramour collection, a raunchy pirate tale in their Jolly Rogered collection, as well as a stand-alone novel in the ‘What’s Her secret?’ imprint.

I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.

I love to hear from readers. You can find me on my blog, and on the Totally Bound site. I’m on Facebook, and twitter. I’m on Pinterest too, and Goodreads
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