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This week on Coming Soon Sundays, the first book I’m featuring is Grave Hauntings, an anthology of stories just in time for Halloween. It will be available on Oct 15th.
This anthology features stories by 9 different authors including myself. My story is The Haunting of Hamstead Manor. Here’s a little snippet to tempt your tastebuds.


The sun was already going down. Thankfully he hadn’t heard a single snap from a pest trap in over an hour. He hoped that meant he had gotten most of them. Fifty-seven rats down. As he turned from the window to go get a couple things from his truck, a deep rumble filled the house. Standing still, he scanned the room quickly, taking in the sturdy construction of the place while wondering if there were earthquakes in this area of the country. But the rumble didn’t seem to be coming from the ground. It was coming from above. Confused, Ryan looked up. Of course, all he saw was ceiling, and in less than two minutes the rumbling ceased. Maybe there was some problem with the plumbing. He would need to clear out the pipes more than likely.
He dragged in a thin mattress and pillow, electing to stay in the living room for now as he hadn’t really had the chance to clean the rest of the house. From his truck, he also brought a bottle of drinkable water. Not wanting to attract pests, he chose to eat outside. After all, he’d just gotten rid of some. The last thing he wanted to do was attract more. Once the sun had fully gone down, Ryan closed the door to the house and trickled an array of herbs all the way around where his bed lay. About four inches from his mattress, the eclectic set of herbs would act as a deterrent to insects and animals.
Intent on getting up early, he lay down and closed his eyes. One day down.
A deep rumble once again filled the house and he groaned and then froze as the rumble took on the tone of an unkind laugh. Frozen on the mattress, his eyes sprang open and he looked around. The moon wasn’t up yet so no light at all came through the front window. But light was coming from somewhere. He was faced toward the window and the bright light shone enough that he could see the shadow of his prone form. “Who’s there?” he called out, aware that fear tinged his voice.
“Well, well,” a male said, the laughter gone. “Look what we have here. Another human set to take my house.” The voice was filled with malice and Ryan gulped. This wasn’t real. It wasn’t real. Ghosts did not exist. This could not be—
Something cold grabbed his arm and he yelped, scrambling to get up and away from whatever it was. But whatever was holding on to him had strength. Turning to look at his left arm, he saw nothing. But he felt it. Oh, how he felt it. “Who are you?” he called out.


Tempted yet? *Grins*

Grave Hauntings Anthology

Just in time to send a shudder up your spine, Grave Hauntings has a mixture of scary, sexy, and downright sizzlingly HOT short stories. The talented authors in this group worked excruciatingly hard to make your evenings seem a touch creepier and the corners feel a bit darker. There’s something for everyone. From vampires and wolves, to ghosts and zombies, to death dealers – well, as far as those are concerned, you might find a friend to hide behind.

This may be a season of fun and excitement for the children as they imbibe too much sugar, but we feel the adults need a Halloween jolt as well. Come celebrate the true Halloween spirit with us.

Authors (listed alphabetically):

Darling Adams
Suzy Ayers
C.E. Black
The Black
Thianna D.
Corey Harper
Eric Keys
Will LaForge
Charity Parkerson

Update: noon – Grave Hauntings is now available from Smashwords for FREE! Yep, you read that right. Free.

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