A lesson in anatomy

This is just a short, to the point post  – or at least I hope it ends up that way.

Why I will rarely – If ever – write a bareback anal sex scene.

Two reasons:

1. The tissues of the anus are very thin and it is FAR easier to gain an STD from anal sex than from any other kind.

2. The microbes that exist in one’s anus are harmful for the penis that has entered it. So even if both members of the couple are clean (STD wise), the man could get a major bladder infection from going bareback. Sure, you could give your one individual an enema beforehand, but you can only do that so much before it severely affects that individual’s ability to naturally expunge their own excrement.

Yes – probably more medical knowledge than you wanted to know – but after having an editor ask me why I had two of my guys insist on condoms even though they were in a committed relationship and having seen this kind of thing pop up in more fiction, I had to say it.

It’s not sexy. It’s fucking dangerous.

If you choose to do that KNOWING the risks, that is your choice. But the fact is, most people do NOT know the risks. Always learn about anything you’re planning on doing BEFORE you do it.

Learn first, act second.

Informed decisions make sense.

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