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Happy WIP It Up Wednesday. *waves at all fellow participants and to Melody Parks who started it all*.

So, are you ready to read a snippet from a current WIP – that’s work in progress for those that don’t know the lingo *wink*.

With Chemistry of Attraction coming out October 8, 2014, I’m going to be giving snippets from it for WIPItUP and SatSpanks. So if you want more inroad into this newest CB book, check them both out 😉

(This excerpt is unedited – obviously as it is a WIP :D)


“How was the meeting?” Rose asked as they began to unload groceries.

“Good. We agreed to accept one of the three applicants and deny the other two. On paper, all three looked good, but after Brent showed us what came up on the two as well as what they said in their interviews, it was obvious they were not meant for Corbin’s Bend.”

Listening, Dina was slightly surprised. Her grandparents had always seemed so liberal, definitely more open than her own parents. “I didn’t realize this community was so conservative,” she commented, putting the new gallon of milk in the fridge. Laughter behind her had her swing around.

“Oh, honey,” Rose said smiling. “This community is not conservative by any means. There are some people within it that are, but over all? As I mentioned earlier, spanking is acceptable here; in fact it’s what the community is based upon. If an applicant is not spank-friendly, they’re not allowed.”

“Oh.” Dina wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Were they serious about the whole spanking thing? “So, by spanking, you really meant spanking.”

Jason looked up, his eyes soft. “We’ll explain more over dinner and you can feel free to ask anything you want. Your cousins are all too young to hear this but at your age, you should be able to.”

Once the groceries were put away, Jason pulled down some plates. “Dina, why don’t we set the table?” As the two of them set out the plates, forks, knives, and spoons as well as glasses and napkins, Rose pulled the roast and potatoes out of the crock pot. In no time they were settled around the table.

“Do you know what you want to do with your degree now that you have it?” Rose asked after they each served themselves and began to eat.

“I figured that with an advanced chemistry degree I could do anything. Turns out? The people who want that kind of degree make things I would never want to be involved in,” Dina said with a sigh. “I want to be involved in something that helps others, not in creating drugs with side effects or huge weapons. I just don’t know what that is yet.”

“You’ll figure it out,” Jason said calmly. “You always were a bright one.” Dina beamed at his praise. He had been behind her getting into science. One of her earliest memories was of him showing her what happened when vinegar and baking soda were combined. “For now, use the summer to unwind. From your letters, it sounded like you were very stressed at school.”

“I was. I even had a minor breakdown and saw a therapist because I wanted to quit last fall.”

“Pushing yourself too hard,” Rose said with a nod. “You did that in undergrad too, graduating a whole year early and yet being burnt out by the time you received your degree.”

Blushing a little because that was still a bit embarrassing, Dina shrugged. “I get wound up sometimes.” The words were forced from her lips. Layton had forced her to say it over and over again to be able to admit it was the truth. It still felt like a cop-out to her.

Reaching over, Jason squeezed her hand. “Take this summer to unwind, Dina. You deserve it.”

The warmth of his smile and his hand on hers helped her to relax. It never ceased to amaze her how non-judgmental her grandparents were. Her parents would have had a fit. “So,” she said to change the topic off her, “spanking…”

Laughing softly, Rose took a drink of wine. “Are you familiar with spanking as an adult?”


Chemistry of Attraction

Available via:
     Blushing Books
     Barnes & Noble

Series: Corbin’s Bend

Retired Marine Brandon Delt, moves to Corbin’s Bend after his recently divorced wife marries his cousin. Tired of living a non-discipline lifestyle, he fully welcomes the openness of the Corbin’s Bend spanking community. One day he hopes to meet the woman he could make his TiH. He doesn’t expect to meet her on day one.
Carodine Minor’s just in Corbin’s Bend for the summer. Just graduated with her master’s degree in chemistry, Dina isn’t sure of her next step in life. Not once has she ever considered being spanked. Logical woman that she is, when she finds herself intrigued by the idea of a hand across her derriere, she asks for a demonstration from Brandon. One demo turns into a wild night of passion neither wants to let go of.
Take one hot summer. Add in an intellectual chemist and a dominant retired Marine. Once the chemistry ignites, combustion is soon to follow.

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