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Happy WIP It Up Wednesday. *waves at all fellow participants and to Melody Parks who started it all*.

So, are you ready to read a snippet from a current WIP – that’s work in progress for those that don’t know the lingo *wink*.

With Chemistry of Attraction coming out October 8, 2014, I’m going to be giving snippets from it for WIPItUP and SatSpanks. So if you want more inroad into this newest CB book, check them both out 😉

(This excerpt is unedited – obviously as it is a WIP :D)

(This snippet picks up where last week’s left off.)


Scrunching up her face as she thought about it, Dina considered the question. One of the guys she had dated had slapped her across the rear once but she had just glared at him. Of course, there were the heroes in a couple of her romance novels who spanked their women. That was sometimes exciting, sometimes shocking. “I’ve read about it in some novels,” she admitted.

“Well, reality is vastly different than fantasy,” Jason said with a smile and a wink at his wife who, to Dina’s surprise gave him a definite ‘come-hither’ look. Holy shit! These were her grandparents. They were… old. Though, to be honest, they were the youngest old people she had ever known. But sex? At their age? Huh. Now that she thought about it, that was pretty cool. It was a nice thought to think she might still be randy in her seventies.

“Gram said I might see someone spank someone else?”

He nodded. “Not punishment-wise. We ask that people keep that to their homes, but you may see the occasional pat or spank between loving couples. Here, that is the same thing as rubbing their shoulders.”

Her mouth opened to ask something but she immediately closed it again. Taking a deep breath, she asked the question that just might well embarrass the hell out of all of them. “Do you spank Gram?”

Without the slightest hint of embarrassment, Jason nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“For years,” Rose said, a soft smile on her face as though remembering some amazing memories.

“Wow. How… I mean what…” Dina stopped as for once her rather large vocabulary seemed to have failed her. How did one ask their grandparents why one spanked the other?

“Spanking is different things to different people,” Jason explained, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be discussing at the dinner table. “For some it’s purely sexual, for others it is part of a domestic discipline lifestyle. For many here it’s both. Including your grandmother and I.”

“Domestic discipline?” Dina asked, grabbing on the unknown phrase as she really did not want to think of her grandparents having kinky sex.

“A relationship built upon the premise that one person leads, they are the head of the household; and one person follows, they are, in our vernacular, taken in hand,” Rose explained. “It isn’t for everyone, but for certain people it works. Jason is the natural leader of our relationship and I like that he leads and I can follow. Does that mean I agree wholeheartedly with everything he does?”

“No,” he interrupted in amusement and they both laughed.

“But it does take that stress off my shoulders. We’re at our happiest this way. Especially here where others understand and we do not have to hide who we are.”

“So, is this kind of a throwback to the nineteen-fifties?” Dina asked as that was what it sounded like. The little woman at home making dinner and keeping the house cleaned while the man did his duty away and came home and put his feet up. The only thing was? There was never a time when she could remember Jason acting like that. Or Rose, for that matter.

“Some live their lives that way, but very few here do. Every domestic discipline relationship is different. You decide on your own rules as a couple and go from there.”

“So if you break said rules, he spanks you?” Dina felt as though she should be shocked at this. It sounded strange and she wasn’t sure if she believed it yet, but it wasn’t in any way shocking. On a level she could not grasp, it actually made sense.

“Yes, I do. But don’t for one moment think it’s forced,” Jason explained. “Rose is an equal partner here. She might not enjoy the actual pain, but she understands the connection that comes from that discipline and thus submits to it.”

“That and it gets rid of any guilt.” Rose’s words confused her.

“How can a spanking get rid of guilt?”

“Ah, honey. Have you ever done something and you apologized to the person but the guilt about it ate at you for days and days?” Thinking about her breakdown, Dina could understand the concept of guilt; she still felt incredibly embarrassed for it. “When Jason disciplines me, it’s over and done with. The act is forgiven, but the discipline itself helps me to let go of the internal guilt I carry for doing whatever I did. Yes, it hurts, but the results are worth it. I come out of it happier and every time it brings us closer.”

Okay, so that really should sound crazy. How could someone tanning your hide bring you closer? And yet, Dina found herself squirming in her chair a bit. Would a spanking help her get rid of her guilt? No, that was a stupid thought. Of course it wouldn’t. She wasn’t even that type of person, whatever type that was.

As she lay in bed that night, she could not forget her grandparents’ words.

How could spanking bring two people closer together? Looking at the two of them, she had always thought they had the most amazing relationship. Surely it couldn’t be caused by discipline? No. That’s crazy.

Sharply turning over and squishing up her pillow, she tried to think of something different. But as she slid into sleep, she did so to an image of her bent over the arm of a chair and someone slamming their hand down on her rump.


Chemistry of Attraction

Available via:
     Blushing Books
     Barnes & Noble

Series: Corbin’s Bend

Retired Marine Brandon Delt, moves to Corbin’s Bend after his recently divorced wife marries his cousin. Tired of living a non-discipline lifestyle, he fully welcomes the openness of the Corbin’s Bend spanking community. One day he hopes to meet the woman he could make his TiH. He doesn’t expect to meet her on day one.
Carodine Minor’s just in Corbin’s Bend for the summer. Just graduated with her master’s degree in chemistry, Dina isn’t sure of her next step in life. Not once has she ever considered being spanked. Logical woman that she is, when she finds herself intrigued by the idea of a hand across her derriere, she asks for a demonstration from Brandon. One demo turns into a wild night of passion neither wants to let go of.
Take one hot summer. Add in an intellectual chemist and a dominant retired Marine. Once the chemistry ignites, combustion is soon to follow.

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