Preparing the Marketing Press Kit

Hey all! Instead of talking about books or kink today, I thought I’d help new authors who are starting out know what they should put together.

Put together? Yep. Think of it as your press kit. Someone – a blogger, another author, or even a fan – says “hey! I’d love to feature you on my blog. Can you send something over?” Your average author is left scrambling to get everything together. Don’t be the average author 😉

So here is what you should have on hand for any book you have coming out.

1 – The cover in a decent size. I know you get your cover art from your publisher. Ask them to give it to you in several sizes if they have them. For blogs – especially ones like mine which are three columns, an image sized 200×300 at 72dpi is the perfect size. Now, for me, since I have Photoshop and know how  to shrinky-dink down a huge image, it’s not as important, but it’s still nice to get a couple sizes, one being the right one for my blog.

Because it doesn’t matter how ‘small’ you resize it on the blog, a HUGE file will still be a HUGE file as far as the server is concerned.

2 – Excerpts. Choose two or three excerpts and create two or three different Press Kits. Then when someone says “Hey! I’d love to feature you” you can answer with “Perfect! I’ll get it right over. Would you prefer an excerpt that’s funny, romantic, or so  hot it will melt your blog?”

3. Blurb – Yep, include the marketing back copy for your book.

4. Your author bio. Make it cute, make it snazzy,  but definitely include it. If you have an avatar that is branded – basically if your fans see it, they know it’s you – send it too.

5. Your social networking links. At least the main ones:

* Your website
* Your blog
* Facebook
* Twitter
* pInterest
* …and whatever other Social Networking you belong to.

6. IF the book is out (or on pre-buy), include the buy links to as many sites as you know.

Now, once you have all that compiled, you don’t have to search for it every time someone asks – you keep it in one folder marked “Marketing>Name of Book”. And you’re ready to go. When your next book buzz begins, you make a copy of the document so you have the basics already – Social Networking, Goodreads account, etc, and replace the old book with the new one.

Now, that’s the do’s. Let’s talk about the don’ts.

Don’t send a badly formatted file. Seriously. Don’t.

Don’t send it in several emails or several files. You should have your word doc with all the pertinant info and your images. That’s it.

Don’t assume your helpful blogger person is using one blog when they might be using one of many others. When you give them the links, include the link WITHIN the title and the link to the right of it. That way, if they do what I do, which is copy the entire document into Notepad to get rid of Microsoft formatting and then from Notepad into their blog, they still have the links.

Like this:

My Website –

I included the link in the My Website, but I also put it out to the right. It covers both bases.

Don’t assume the person will use all the junk you send them. They will only use what fits their blog. And that’s perfectly okay. But by sending them everything you’ve got, you’ve made their life easier. And they’ll remember it next time.

So, ready to go make your Press Kit? Ready? Set? GO!

And if you haven’t made any for past books, do it. Have them all on hand. (Which is something I need to do. I used to have some of them and then I changed computers. I need to remake some of my older Press Kits.)

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