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Thanks for having me here today Thianna and letting me share this final installment in the Gin & Jazz series. I have an exclusive excerpt to share with you as well. The books all take place during the Roaring Twenties and feature the exploits of several men who trudge their way through the pitfalls and decadence of Hollywood. This one can be read as a standalone as it tells the complete love story of two men from the series who haven’t been able to find their HEA yet. Poor guys…

Former screen idol, Roman Pasquale, struggles to survive in Hollywood as the silent film era comes to a close. But a fresh new playwright is in town and he wants Roman to be more than just his star.

The past few years haven’t been kind to fading film star, Roman Pasquale. But then again, he was never very kind to anyone else either. He’s had time to reminisce on his mistakes and to accept responsibility for how he hurt others. Now that Global Studios has turned its back on him, he’s had to sell his grand estate and start over in a modest apartment.

His former co-star, actress Maude Simons, suggests that he meet with new playwright, Max Vogel. Not only will he get the chance to be the star again, Roman can really use the money. What he doesn’t expect is how strongly he’s attracted to the easygoing, confident young man—and the very wicked thoughts he has about him.

Playwright and director, Max Vogel, is delighted that the great Roman Pasquale has agreed to star in his play. What he is unprepared for however, is the intense physical spark that ignites the moment they meet. He’s been warned of Roman’s reputation for being difficult to work with, but he’s willing to take the risk—even though his career depends on the success of this one play.

Max needs to coax a heartfelt performance out of Roman, and Roman needs to live up to his resolve to be a better man. But maybe the real issue is whether or not the director and actor can resist the passion they have for one another, a lust so strong that it catches them unaware. Is their lust really love? Or will the drive for success destroy any hope for a happily-ever-after?

Exclusive Excerpt from Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7)


Roman leaned in and pulled Max forcefully to him by his collar and nipped at his delectable lip again. Max laughed, licking Roman’s mouth, then dipping in with his tongue to take small tastes before retreating again.
“Naughty boy.” Roman whispered in between Max’s exquisite kisses.
“I can be very naughty for you Roman.”
Max took Roman’s mouth some more. After basking in Max’s honeyed flavor for a little longer, Roman reluctantly broke the connection, desperate to get them alone.
“Come along my sweet devil, it’s time that I fuck you.”
Max laughed again, the sound so free, so alluring. “So I’m a devil then? I suppose I must live up to my name.”
“Mmm, I suppose you should.”
Taking Max’s hand, he dragged him to his apartment, tired of waiting. He handed the box of well-jostled pastries to Max so he could fumble with the blasted key, finally managing to get the door open. He pushed Max inside the darkened living room, not giving one whit if that was as far as they made it into Roman’s home before they shed their clothes. Thankful that the drapes were already closed, Roman turned on one table lamp, anxious to see Max’s nude form.
“Take them all off.”
Max grinned, holding Roman’s gaze as he hastily removed his jacket, waistcoat, shirt, suspenders and trousers. Once he stood only in his buttoned tank, boxers and socks, he slowed down, taking his time, the mischievous side of Max more evident than ever. Roman wasn’t sure whether to get angry or to masturbate. 
Max unclipped his sock garters, then tossed them aside. That was followed by rolling his socks down with an impressive demonstration of Max’s ability to bend all the way over while still keeping his legs perfectly straight. Roman moaned, still watching, removing his own clothing at the same time. Max unbuttoned his tank all the way, then peeled off one side before moving to the other. All that remained were his boxers. He stuck his thumbs under the waistband then stilled, his gaze never wavering from Roman’s.
“Should I tease you just as mercilessly?”
Max baited him by chewing his bottom lip, then moistening it some more. “Perhaps.”
Roman had reached the end of his patience as well as his final garment. He shoved down his shorts, stepped out of them, then advanced on Max. Still taunting Roman by keeping his thumbs hooked in his underwear, he gave no indication that he planned to remove them. Roman took care of that.
He reached behind Max and ripped his silk shorts down the seam, tearing them from his body. Max clung to his shoulders to keep from being knocked to the ground by Roman’s force. They were skin to skin, their rigid flesh pressed between them as they grasped and stroked one another in complete abandon. Again Roman took Max’s mouth, careful this time not to bite any more on his injured lip, wishing only to give him enough pain that it would lead to pleasure.
Roman grabbed a fistful of Max’s curls and yanked his head back to see into his eyes. It was there. It wasn’t only lust, it was more. Roman wanted to know, but he had to have Max first.
“I can be quite rough.”
Max regarded him with a playful smirk. “I can tell. Don’t stop.”
Closing his hand tighter around Max’s hair, pulling hard, he made sure Max understood. 
“I’ll never intentionally hurt you, Max. But you’ll have to direct me until I know your needs and desires better.”
Max sighed on the end of a whimper. “I look forward to that.”
Roman bit into the crook of Max’s neck until he cried out. He raised his eyes again to Max’s.
“As do I, Max.”


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