Cover Reveal: Grave Hauntings – a #Halloween #anthology

Look at this! My second cover reveal of the day. This one is for an anthology I am happy to be part of just for Halloween. 
Are you scared? Are ya?
These stories are full of ghosts, vampires, wolves, death dealers, zombies, and just plain evil. 
Yeah, got your attention. The release date should be October 15th, 2014.
Wanna know about my story?
The Haunting of Hamstead Manor
Ryan thought it was a gift when he inherited Hamstead Manor. Sure, he knew the rumors of something otherworldly living within it, but he figured it was all hype and besides, it wasn’t like he had anywhere to go. After a day spent de-bugging and de-varmenting the house, he found out the rumors were true when he received a life-changing visit from Kallisper Hamstead – who died centuries ago. 
After a life-changing night, he had two choices when morning came: run or stay. Which would he choose? 
Well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

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