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Happy Backlist Monday. Yep, I took a break for a week. Been super busy. But, I thought I’d start off another Backlist run with one of my first books: Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale.


“You okay?” 
For the second time that night, Anya found herself blinking her eyes up into his face while sitting on his lap, though she was leaning back against him this time. How had she gotten here? Surprised, she went to move, stopping as she realized his cock was still inside her ass. He grinned and winked.
“Your orgasms became a bit much and you went to your happy place,” he chuckled. “I rather like being in your ass, so I just brought us over here.”
“Mmmm,” she moaned, rubbing up against him like a cat. “We have missed out on three months, ninety-three days of this, Peter. I don’t think we should disconnect unless we have to go to the bathroom. In fact,” she yawned. “I think we should both call into work on Monday.”
Chuckling, he hugged her closer. “I never thought I would find someone who would accept this,” he murmured, moving his hands around to cup her breasts.
“I’m still surprised some women pushed you away. Were they idiots? I mean, really! Two cocks, no waiting!”


Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale
Paranormal Erotic Fiction

Sex therapist Anya Travers doesn’t have many complaints about her lover. Peter is attentive and loves to bring her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, so far, he hasn’t been willing to give her one thing. And that one thing she wants one more than anything.

Imagine her surprise when he finally reveals why and she has far more reasons to rejoice than she ever dreamed!

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