Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! for #Backlist Monday #erotica #taboo #masturbation

Hi, Backlist Monday fans! I’ve got a delicious little snippet for you from Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!, my short story about that all-too-taboo subject: Female masturbation. *Gasp*


They pulled into the office parking lot and he pulled to the left of her car so that she could get out of his and inside hers quickly. As she went to open her door, he stopped her. “Wait.” She paused. He waved a card in front of her face. “This is the job I told you about. One of the doms at the club, Lord Guy, runs a gentleman’s club. There are strippers on the first floor and exhibitionists like yourself on the second and third floors. It is perfectly legal as nobody can touch you. What you do is exactly what you did tonight and they watch and pay you for it.”
Her mouth dropped open. “But I’m fat and ugl-“
Before she could finish, he snarled. “Do not finish that sentence, Ms. Dorren!” She froze as he used her real name instead of the nickname he had been using. While Kitty might have sounded like a put down from any other man, from Mr. Clayton it felt like a caress. “Women are supposed to be curvy which you are. And you are not ugly. Plus, you have a very pretty pussy. I can assure you that once Guy sees the video I took tonight that he will hire you on the spot. All you have to decide is if you are willing to touch yourself for money. If so, be at the address on the back of that card at nine tomorrow morning. If not, don’t show. Good luck, Kitty.”


Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica
Series: None

When her boss caught her masturbating at work, she was embarrassed. That it was to his picture made it even worse. Until he made her an offer she could not refuse.

A gift for those of us who do not have anyone special… except our own hand.

And who can love you better than yourself?

A celebratory short erotic story of self-loving.

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