A ‘little’ look at The Little Princess Cruise by Megan Michaels

I am very excited to bring to you the newest book by Megan Michaels. Take some littles and some Daddies on a cruise and you get… Well, I’ll let Megan tell you in her own words 🙂

Hi Thianna!  Thank you for having me on today!!  My new book The Little Princess Cruise is out and available on Amazon!  Megan and Molly from What Naughty Little Girls Get are in this book too.  But there are three new girls and their husbands.   I am including an excerpt from the formal dinner in the Captain’s Dining Room.  
Becca became angry with a sympathetic look Gabby gave her and stuck her tongue out at Gabby.  This is an interchange between Jace (who saw Becca stick her tongue out) and Gabby.   


“I’m not sure, Daddy. I was just thinking how I felt bad that she had to sit between two daddies and she saw me looking at her.” Gabby’s fingers fiddled with her napkin and the pretty napkin ring shaped into a gold leaf. “I think it made her feel bad, and she got mad at me.”
“Mmmm, I’m not sure I like her doing that to you—”
“Daddy, don’t! Don’t you goof this up for me—”
“Hey, hey. You keep your tone right and remember who’s in charge. You don’t give orders to me, do you?” Daddy had wrapped his hand gently around her throat, stroking her jaw line lightly with his forefinger as he spoke. His hand felt like a collar and it gave her comfort. It reminded her that he was in control.
“No. I don’t give orders, Daddy. You do. I just don’t want her to get in trouble. She got spanked by Momma G and by her daddy. Well… at least that’s what she thought was going to happen… and I don’t want her to get in trouble again because of me.” She was stroking his inner thigh as she spoke. She liked the feel of his dress pants under her fingers, her hand stroking the hard muscles of his thigh, the toned curves exciting her.
“First, she wouldn’t get in trouble because of you. She’d get in trouble for sticking her tongue out and instigating trouble with her rude behavior. Her attitude and actions would be the cause of her discipline, not yours.” He picked up her hand and rested it on the growing bulge under his dress pants, guiding her hand to lightly stroke his cock. His breath hitched when she took her fingernail and scraped it over his length, easing the nail back and forth over the head. He briefly closed his eyes and his nostrils flared as his arousal climbed. The muscles of his thighs jerked, and he quickly took her hand and put it back on her lap.
He cleared his throat. “Where was I? Oh, yes. I don’t want her antagonizing you tonight. I’ll be watching, but if she continues with this behavior, you’re to let me know. I don’t want you letting this get out of control, understood?”
“Yes, sir.
“And for the record. Unless you want to leave early tonight, please keep your hands over there, or I may lose control and need new pants.” He winked at her and stroked the top of her hand and she felt herself relax.


When they are at home, Gabrielle’s husband, Jace, is her daddy and she is his little girl, but at work she is the CEO of her family’s business. Switching back and forth from her adult role to her little girl role every day is stressful at times, and when Gabby hears about a “Little Princess Cruise” designed specifically for couples like her and Jace, she jumps at the opportunity.
Gabby meets lots of other little girls aboard the ship and she quickly befriends Becca, a defiant, mouthy brat who constantly tests her daddy’s patience and earns herself a sore bottom. The girls bask in each other’s company while their daddies meet with the captain of the ship. The captain teaches them new ways to discipline their little girls, explains the finer points of medical play, and describes how bad or good baby weekends can be used as punishments or rewards.
Becca and some of the naughtier girls decide to play a prank on everyone aboard the ship, and though Gabby initially resists, not wanting to displease her daddy, she eventually gives in. But when the captain finds out about their antics, the girls find themselves in deep trouble. These naughty little girls will not only be soundly spanked until their bare bottoms are red and sore and tears are running down their faces, they will also soon discover what a bad baby day is all about.
Publisher’s Note: The Little Princess Cruise is a stand-alone erotic novel which includes some of the characters introduced in What Naughty Little Girls Get. It contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

You can find it at:
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