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Hey, Seductive Studs & Sirens 🙂

It’s a wonderful Saturday, isn’t it? I thought about what to post for this week. I could post another Logan/Christian snippet, but then I got to thinking about the two books that are offshoots of that series that I am writing. One of them is turning into something I am not sure of – one person suggested it sounded like the suspense genre which is out of my frame of reference, but the two main characters are definitely running for their lives. But the other one… well, there’s something about this story that really gets to me. I thought I would share a snippet from it.

This is from the very beginning of the book:


A soft breeze blew over the blades of grass, lightly playing with Finnean’s hair where it lay a little too long along his shoulder blades. He didn’t even notice as he sat on the grass, playing with a piece of it. “It’s Tuesday,” he said quietly, staring straight ahead at nothing. “Remember Tuesdays? You had Econ at seven in the morning – why you ever elected to take a morning class is beyond me. And that blasted alarm of yours that went off at six-thirty, then six-thirty-five, six-forty, until I got up and pushed your ass out of bed.” His voice broke and his lips quivered even as his eyes blurred with tears. “I’d give anything to have those mornings back, love.”

Sniffling, he dropped the blade of grass and dug the heels of his palms into his eyes. “I bloody miss you,” he whispered. “It’s been ten years to the day and I still miss you. Every day, every moment, every time something happens, I think: I need to tell Jaimie. Only…you’re not around to tell.” Unable to hold back, he sobbed softly, staring with unseeing eyes at the gravestone in front of him.


Sad, isn’t it? *sniff sniff*

Now on with your SeductiveSnS Bloghop…

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