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My backlist Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume IX brings together two wonderful genres: M/M and spanking.

In this snippet (which is kind of funny because it’s a snippet of a snippet) Jeremy has issues with his former religious leader and goads him into spanking him

* * * * *

Breathing deeply. Jeremy slowly walked around the desk until he reached the same spot as before. Spreading his legs out to the corners of the desk, he bent over, his eyes mocking his former religious leader. 
Reverend Michaels muttered something. It almost sounded like, “Lord help me,” before he unbuckled and removed his leather belt. He walked to Jeremy’s side and reached out, stroking first one and then the other butt cheek. “By the end of this, you will be ready to repent of your perversion,” he said through gritted teeth.
“By the end of this, you will have your cock up my ass,” Jeremy retorted. As if to emphasize the point, he pulled away and grasped his pants, digging for and finding the condoms and lube he always had on hand. Slamming them on the desk, he bent back over it. “Now get on with it, old man!”
Before he could take his first breath or even shimmy to get comfortable, the first blow fell.
“Fuck!” he hissed as the red heat spread across his ass cheeks. 

* * * * *

Stories included:

Habetolos Hardware: Gerrard went to the hardware store to get some things for his business. On aisle 12, he found there was more to see than just siding.

Scattered: Jason didn’t mean to make Trevor worried. He just forgets sometimes. Today, he will find out the pain and the forgiveness a spanking can provide.

Always Someone There: Mark stumbled through his daily life, having sex with any guy he could get his hands on. Until the being he had not felt in decades came back.

Please, Santa, I Want More: Xander is surprised to find his boss for the night is Santa. Surprised even more when Santa upends him over his lap.

Get On With It, Old Man!: Excerpt from Hand of God by Raya Ezelle – Jeremy has a lot of deep anger toward his old religious leader only to find he needs him now.

Boom!: Roger loves his partner, but is not as excited to spend July Fourth with Craig’s family. When he loses it, Craig shows him in several ways just what it means to be in a loving domestic discipline relationship.

Twenty-Seven: Excerpt from As Natural As Breathing – Logan introduces Christian to a few spanking implements. It is his birthday, after all.

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