Logan & Christian have made the rounds #gay #glbt #blogtour #romance

Logan and Christian are making rounds around the blogosphere with the release of the final book in their trilogy All They Ever Needed.

Come check out their visits – and read some fun and HOT snippets.

PK Corey – a great review on the Logan/Christian series
Megan Michaels – a rather hot snippet awaits you
Virginia Nelson – fun and heat all at the same time
Thianna D – Christian’s manhandling dildos…yep
Casey McKay – Shakespeare would be proud
Novel Approach Reviews – exclusive excerpt…oh yeah, and it’s sizzling
Tara Finnegan – It’s all about the romance
Kathryn R. Blake – A great DD discussion between Christian and Gregory, Logan’s father.
Cara Bristol – Logan & Christian are just getting all over 😀
Corey Harper – It’s a new position
Constance Masters – a little 69’ing…
Renee Rose – Enjoying the burn
Jade Crystal – I’m on the hotseat
Thianna D – a poignant moment between Logan & Christian
Joelle Casteel – a little sizzling heat for ya
Kate Richards – How could the boys not have fun at a blog titled Batteries Not included?
Adaline Raine – Logan and Christian getting a little romantic over there
Romance Cooks – Logan and Christian just came for the chocolate. I included a fantastic chocolate cupcake recipe that’ll make you drool
Morticia Knight – Logan finds the sweet spot…

I hope you’ve enjoyed their little tour – they certainly have. If you’ve missed any, feel free to visit one or more 😀

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