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Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume XI will tempt your erotic tastes with several M/F and F/F stories. No theme. Just tantalizing erotica.

In this snippet from The Gift of Giving Club, she has no idea what’s in store. But she’s about to find out. Yes, this story is f/f. and add in another f and another. Three together with one voyeur…

* * * * *

Before I could wonder how long I would be hanging from the ceiling, Blondie and Red took Raven by the hands and led her to a large four-poster bed off to my left. How had I not noticed it? The only piece of furniture in the room, it was huge. It was also covered in a coverlet the same color as my gown. Once Raven got on her back, Red tied her hands to the headboard while Blondie tied each ankle to one of the posts at the bottom. She was spread out and I could not help but notice her pussy, which was bare of hair and glistening with her juices.
Red leaned over and kissed her softly. Lesbian porn had never interested me, but I had to admit the live version was kind of hot. Their lips touched and moved, their tongues lapping at one another as Blondie began to kiss Raven’s stomach. She slowly moved downward and once she reached the mound of skin above her clit, she shimmied down until she lay between Raven’s legs. Her fingers pulled Raven’s lips apart and her tongue stuck out, licking her from cunt to clit in one quick movement. 
My mouth fell open as Raven moaned and my pussy twitched.
With a giggle, Blondie began to lap at Raven’s clit over and over, sometimes darting around the hood, sometimes rubbing directly over it. Raven’s continuous moans told the both of us she loved what was happening to her. Red kissed her one more time before moving and taking her left nipple between her lips. A moan left my lips as my nipples tightened.
When Raven gasped, my eyes slipped to Blondie who was now darting her tongue in and out of Raven’s pussy. My breath hitched as I watched, almost feeling the tongue as it slipped in and out of her wet cunt. Squeezing my thighs together, I began to pant. When Red’s finger began to rub Raven’s clit while Blondie tongue-fucked her, my clit and pussy throbbed for attention.

* * * * *

Stories included:

Fumbling: Two teenagers about to enter college, meeting up in the backseat of a car. The heat, the urgency…the banging on the roof.

Only On New Year’s Eve: Constance lives all year for that one night-the night her love comes back to her. This New Year’s Eve, she gets more than she dreamed.

A New Job: Cherry McAdams will do anything to get a job. Mr. Mathews has no idea what he is in for.

Fuck This Slut: Julie is surprised to become Andrew Brayton’s personal assistant, especially considering she is not very good at her job. Until she finds out exactly what being his PA actually entails. She might be perfect for it after all.

Gift Of Giving Club: She went with one intention in mind – blow the lid off the Gift of Giving Club. Instead, she found incredible pleasure in being a voyeur.

Something Naughty: In their community, physical touch between a man and woman is forbidden. But Damien and Jenny just want to explore.

The Cavern: Laughed at for her virginity back at the dorms, Maureen decides she needs to dump it – and fast. Who better than a gorgeous teacher at her old high school?

One Down, Three To Go: Anonymous sex is the most exciting there is. You are not to say a word, but enter the room and please your benefactress through four orgasms. Then you will receive your payment and you may leave.

Unwilling Bride: Carrie did not want to be married to him. And she had no intention of enjoying the benefits, even if every time he touched her she lost her head.

Stepping Stones: A woman, in her twilight years, remembers the connection between her and her husband.

Watch: Excerpt from Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! – Caught masturbating in the company bathroom, Kitty is forced to watch the video made of the event.

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