Bringing the sci-fi in with Volume VIII #erotica #scifi #fantasy #backlist

Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume VIII goes out of this world with aliens galore. A Tarlanian with a tail and a male who is half-human/half-octupus are just two of the treats you have in store. An inter-dimensional being was thrown in for fun.

In the first Assistant story, Kiera has been hired as a personal assistant, she just doesn’t realize who/what she will be assisting.

* * * * *

In a large tank of water was a creature whose upper body was half-man and his lower body was half-octopus with the largest cock she had ever seen sticking out between all of his tentacles. “Miers,” Derrick said loudly, getting the attention of the individual. 
Miers put his elbows up on the edge of the tank and looked at her. “Is this my new assistant?”
“Yes, this is Miss Kiera Southerland. Don’t scare her like you did the last one. I had to give her to Rave and you know how he is.”
Before she could figure out how to get the hell out of there, Derrick opened the door and left, locking it behind him.
“Well, come on, honey. Strip down and get in the tub. My tentacles need scrubbed.”
She opened her mouth to explain this was all a mistake, but she couldn’t. Every night she fantasized about creatures that didn’t exist doing naughty things to her. Maybe now she would get her chance. For all she knew, maybe she was asleep and dreaming this all up right now.

* * * * *

Stories included:

The Experience: Malora, a strong Tarlanian female, is here to have some fun and to bring a male to his knees. Unfortunately things don’t turn out quite like she planned. Kinideen males are sneaky.

Assistant – You’re Hired: Kiera thought she was hired as the assistant of a wealthy man. She had no idea she would be assisting a half-human/half-octopus. His tentacles made her job a lot more fun than she expected.

Pleasure Station – Earth Girls: At Pleasure Station, you can have any kind of sex you want. Goran knows exactly what he wants and is prepared to go through anything to get it.

Crack: For Sharala, sex had become boring. Until she ran afoul of a Roland male who sees to it that she receives exactly what she paid for.

Always Someone There: Mark stumbled through his daily life, having sex with any guy he could get his hands on. Until the being he had not felt in decades came back.

Pleasure Station – Freyla Sub Grade: Choosing to become a freyla (pleasure slave) at Pleasure Station was one thing. Becoming one was a whole other matter.

I’ve Been Probed: Waking up to an alien having sex with you is one thing, having it be the best sex of your life is another.

Assistant – Cherry Bark: Her favorite alien has left, and Kiera finds herself volunteering to be Rave’s assistant. Licking bark is a lot more stimulating than it sounds.

Pleasure Station – Sub-Level Five: An enemy of Pleasure Station has come to destroy them. Only the owner of Pleasure Station has other plans. Welcome to Sub-Level Five.

Assistant – A New Arrival: Chance, a new assistant, is introduced to his client, a cylindrical alien with thirty-two dicks who is just looking for pleasure.

Two Is Better Than One: Excerpt from Twice As Nice: Anya’s Tale – Anya learned what Peter kept from her and rejoices in having a bi-cock for a boyfriend.

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