The lucky individual is… #SeductiveSnS #gay #glbt #scifi #fantasy

Hey Seductive Studs & Sirens! Okay, so last week was supposed to be the last snippet from The Chosen for awhile, but, well, it just didn’t get you to where I wanted you to be. So, I’m giving you another Cadit excerpt before I slip over to Logan & Christian. And this continuation from last week is the perfect snippet to do so.

* * * * *

“Dear people of Stadlen,” he read, “Greetings from the Vialette. We have spent five of your decades keeping your planet free from others who would pillage your resources for their gain. It is with much appreciation that we accept the sacrifice of one of your own when we have need of them…” As he went into the war that brought them to our planet and how they had fought, I almost wished this was a part of the performance. And yet, nobody would play that kind of prank.
For over an hour, he read the details of the war, almost word for word what I had read in our history books. I didn’t think he would ever relieve us of our misery until finally…
“—which is why today we have come to retrieve the chosen for our leader Jarat. The lucky individual is…”
Let it be someone besides Cadia. Let it be someone besides Cadia. The chant went over and over in my head until the next three words left his lips.
“Cadit of Leftonhause.”

* * * * *
I’m evil. I know LOL And now, on with the rest of the hop…

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