There are sex toys among us in Volume V #erotica #sextoys #Backlist

Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume V all involve sex toys. Uh-huh. These characters use some known and some less-known toys. So, what are a few of your favorites?

Cassie’s at her job at the local pet store and bored out of her mind. She has an erotic mp3 going on in her ears and finds she needs something to scratch that itch. When in need, a girl’s got to improvise, but I wonder if this particular ‘toy’ might cause some issues.

* * * * *

As the sounds continued on in her head, her eyes once again fell on the hot dog. As she cocked her head to the side and her tongue led a wet path along her lips, she realized that the size was quite nice. Kind of like a nice large cock. “Hmm,” she said, wandering over to the pup toy rack again. Before she could think much about it—and thinking wasn’t really possible anyway what with two characters in her head having loud, boisterous, rough sex—she tore the tag off and went back to the counter. 
Now…how to do this without the possibility of being caught if someone actually came in? The bathroom was too far away and in the back of the store. 
Good thing the counter was high and she was only wearing a thong. Her eyes darted around as she crouched down for a moment. Completely hidden behind the counter, she washed the toy off with some antibacterial soap, pulled her panty to the side, placed the hot dog between her legs and pushed. 

* * * * *

Stories included:

Squeak Toy: Working at a pet store paid the bills but was not fun at all. Until Cassie found a new use for a squeak toy.

Attic Of Pleasure: Kasha explores the house she inherited from her grandparents, not expecting to find an array of huge sex toys in the attic.

Forgotten: When the parents come to visit, don’t forget to hide the sex toys. All of them.

Never Forget The Knife: Proof that for the naughtiest among us, there are always every day items that will do.

Bounce, Baby, Bounce: Until her boyfriend David gave it to her, she never would have expected a sex toy like this. Now that she had ridden it, she might never use anything else. I wrote t his story back in 2010. The actual toy I thought up, has now hit the market which I think is totally cool! And I want one 😀

Fun With Finials: When your husband comes in 2.4 minutes, a girl has to find something to scratch that itch. Bedposts will do.

Edible: Denati needed something to tempt Lord Kor to notice her. Chocolate turned out to do more than she ever hoped.

Stallion Supplies: Cleaning out the stables, Derrick came across a strange device he had no name for. Finding out its use opened his eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

The FierySex 5000: Tired of men who had no stamina, she bought the ultimate sex machine. After one ride, she may be in love.

I’ve Got Vincent: Excerpt from Twice As Nice: Anya’s Tale – Tired of waiting for her boyfriend, Anya takes matters into her own hands with Vincent, her frozen toy.

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