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More backlist…Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume VII brings in more M/M erotica for your reading enjoyment. Some of my favorites are in this volume.

In this teaser from Breaking In The Bed, Devlin has suffered for days watching his hunky helper redo his home. This is his last chance to do something about it.

* * * * *

When the final day came, Dev knew he had to make a move. If he didn’t, he would always wonder what if. He got his chance when Brad did a last walk-through of his house to make sure everything was in order. 
“This your bedroom?” The question surprised him and Dev walked down the hallway only to find Brad inside his bedroom. It was one of the small rooms in the house. The only furniture, in fact the only thing in sight, was a large four-poster deep mahogany bed. Devlin’s new purchase. 
“Yep. New bed.”
Brad turned and gave him a smile. “So what you are saying is it has low mileage.”
Chuckling, he shook his head. “More like no mileage. Just got it two days ago.”
“Well, now, that seems a shame,” he murmured, his fingers drifting along one of the posts. “I mean, how will you know if it will hold up to a real romp with your next boy-toy if you don’t test it out first.” Brad looked over his shoulder and winked. 
Hot damn. That was an invitation if there ever was one. “Sounds damned good to me. Think we can rock it off its hinges?”

* * * * *

Stories included:

Breaking In The Bed: Devlin was finally over his last boyfriend – which included throwing out everything of his and getting new furniture. When he hired someone to help him redo his house, he was more than pleased when Brad offered to help him break in his new bed.

Top To Bottom: Jack can top or bottom. Tonight he wants sex, any which way he can get it.

Testing The Waters: One kiss can turn the whole world upside down. One kiss can change everything.

Coffee And An Orgasm, Please: Clark is intense, gearing up to be CEO of a major corporation does that. Today he finds himself completely thrown off by five guys and a coffee house.

Bah-HUM-Bug: Being in love with your best friend who is in love with another is the pits. On this one night, maybe things can change.

Confidential: Being tech help came with emergencies left and right, especially from execs. Only this exec wants him for something more.

Ultimate Dessert, Part 1: A little tease and some ice cream. Yum.

Ultimate Dessert, Part II: Teasing has turned to a whole lot more.

Red Circle: Teri had loved Jeremy for a long time, but having to meet in secret was killing him. When their last time comes, is he prepared for what happens next?

Let’s Play A Game: Excerpt from The Blake/Dusty Chronicles:Two Sides of the Same Coin – To get Blake to talk good about himself, Dusty devises a little tortuous game.

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