Corbin’s Bend Blitz, Day 1

This is going to be an AMAZING weekend. It’s day 1 of the Corbin’s Bend Blitz and there are 9 amazing posts zooming around the internet. Come check them out – and enter for one of our amazing prizes we are giving away.

Current list of prizes:

    * Welcome to Corbin’s Bend Gift Basket (US Only) (From the Corbin’s Bend authors)
    * $50 Gift Card to Amazon (Donated by Blushing Books)
    * A bottle of Spanking Bottom Red wine (US only) (Donated by +Cara Bristol)
    * $10 Gift Card to Blushing Books (Donated by +Constance Masters)

    * $20 Gift card to either Amazon or Nook (Donated by +Maren Smith)
    * $10 Amazon Gift Card (Donated by +Tara Finnegan )
    * $10 Gift Card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (Donated by +Thianna D)
    * 1 Kindle copy of Coming to Terms (Donated by +Cara Bristol )
    * 1 Kindle copy of Unexpected Consequences (Donated by +Cara Bristol )
    * 1 eBook of For Ben (Donated by +Kate Richards )
    * 1 eBook from Kathryn R. Blake’s backlist (Donated by +Kathryn Blake )
    * 1 copy choice of My Naughty Little Secret or Mastering Maeve (Donated by +Tara Finnegan )
    * 5 copies from her backlist (Donated by +Thianna D)

Day 1 Links:

A Closet Full of Books
Adaline Raine
Mia Downing
Not Everyone’s Mama
Renee Rose Romance
Rusty Reading
Ruth Staunton
We Love Kink
Wicked Reads

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