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Another one of my backlist I think you’ll enjoy. Enjoy reading about a firm implement landing on a plump rump? This might be just for you.

Volume II is filled to overflowing with spanking stories. In this snippet, Terina has a temper and has just  been very rude to an executive of her company, which got her shipped upstairs to the owner of the company…who happens to be her uncle.

* * * * *

“I hear you were particularly rude to Bart.” She swung around and stared embarrassed at Anthony Charles, the owner of Charles Entertainment, a company which managed kink clubs around North America. Unfortunately, he was also her uncle.
“He wanted…” She paused and gnawed on her lower lip, trying to find an excuse for her behavior that would stop the man in front of her from whipping her behind. No matter what she tried, she could not find it. Because he would toss out each and every one, no matter how valid or invalid they were. “He tried to hire me,” she finally muttered. 
“How dare he,” he said dryly, pointing over to a small bench that sat in front of a large wall of windows looking over the city in front of them. “That assuredly is a rude thing to do, give you an offer of a much better job that would pay four times your current salary. Whatever was he thinking?”
Sending him a glare, she stomped over to the bench and then stood there with her arms crossed across her chest. 
“Bend over, Terina.” He had not moved from his previous spot and part of her wanted to tell him no, that he could not boss her around, but the fact was, this was the only job she had kept longer than six months—the only reason being all of the executives were tops and had no compunction about whipping the ass of any of their underlings.

* * * * *

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume II includes stories that will fill your spanking need. Enjoy your erotica with a little swat? Here ya’ go!

Stories included:

Red, White & Blue – Cora was desperate to reconnect with her husband, so plotting with her friend Stephanie seemed the right thing to do. Until she found herself ass upward over a spanking bench.

Come To My Office – Adrienne had pushed for discipline and now she was going to get it. Who knew pain could create such passion?

Maybe I Was Wrong – Jennifer thought domestic discipline was a bit of a joke but now Davis planned to spank her. Sometimes what we fear most can turn us on faster than we can imagine.

It Was Time – Chandra was an able businesswoman, running her own successful business. Even strong women need the chance to submit to a resounding spanking.

Nobody Does That – He was insane, that was all there was too it. Threatening to spank her? Definitely insane. Until he took her in hand, over his knee, and then suddenly he wasn’t the crazy one.

Just a Fit – Terina, high-strung and emotional, hated anything that upset her well-ordered world. Thankfully she found people who help put that into perspective with a spanking or ten.

Tick Tock – Krista was used to getting upset only this time her husband Brett found out. And he has a simple way to spank that upset right out of her.

Storm’s A’ Brewing – He knew his wife and this was not her. Knowing what she needed to return to the woman she had become, he took her in hand, giving them both exactly what they needed.

Reconnect – After many years of married life, their sex life was null and void. Finally, she had decided to reveal her interest in spanking. His reaction will make or break their relationship, what will it be?

The Ties That Bind – They loved to experiment and she loved the pain. He might have found just the perfect implement to make her soar.

Yes, Ma’am – Mondays are bad, especially when your assistant quits. Having your domme show up and spank the worry out of you just might be what works. It certainly seems to work for Garrett.

Zanzabar – Dayla goes to the hottest kink club in town as her friend’s wingman. Getting a spanking never entered her mind and yet…

Wonders of the Kitchen – an excerpt from Through the Library Door – In this excerpt, Landria introduces Nicholas to the modern-day kitchen and he finds all sorts of new toys to use.

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