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Today X is for Xperience on the Spanking From A to Z Challenge.

It isn’t a current book I’m taking from, but from a work in progress I have titled Antithesis. Now, the thing to know about this oddity is I am writing a tongue-in-cheek book to make fun of extreme porn erotica. I never expected much out of it, to be honest, and the fact it is developing into a love story quite frankly makes me laugh like a loon.

So, the only thing I can promise is that in this book there will be something that makes you uncomfortable. How do I know that? Because there’s stuff that made me uncomfortable while writing it.

Sessa is hard up trying to find a job on futuristic Earth. Heavily in debt, she works as a barista making minimum wage and hating it. The chance to become a pleasure girl on another planet is too much to pass up. Especially when she finds out how much money she’ll get when her contract is up. The following is part of her acceptance letter from her future employers.

Without further ado, prepare to be insulted…Oh, and formatting added for this post.

* * * * *

Our Pleasure Girls are given a designation:
Slut – Pleasure Girls who have continually shown themselves to be adept at unique forms of sexual expression.
Cunt –Sluts in training. May advance to Slut quickly depending on versatility
Pussy – Specifically for one type of sex. This designation has many sub-designations such as:

     *Pussy Rosebud – Loves and only enjoys anal sex
     *Pussy Tits – Loves and only enjoys boob sex
     *Pussy Kitty – Loves and only enjoys vaj sex
     *Pussy Lips – Loves and only enjoys oral sex
     *…many more designations

    Twat – Inexperienced Pleasure Girls who will be used as quickies until they gain experience.

    Bitch – Prefers to belittle men. (If you are found to be a Bitch, you will be shipped back to Earth immediately without pay and with a bill in hand. The last thing our men need at the end of a hard shift is a Bitch.)
    From your application, you have been given the designation of: Cunt
    Not even sure of what to say, Sessa looked up to see Cricket grinning at her. “I’m a Pussy. What are you?”
    “A Cunt.”

    * * * * *

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