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V is for Vincent. Who is Vincent? Well…Vincent is actually a very large glass dildo put out by Liberator. The wonderful company allowed me to use Vincent as a major player in Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale. Frustrated because her boyfriend Peter won’t put out, Anya spends a lot of time with Vincent. The day she learns just why her man has been so reticent, she got more than she ever dreamed.

* * * * *

Before long, her pussy was throbbing again and she wanted more. 
Peter chuckled. “Anya, you have made us all very happy. But you must decide something dearest.”
“What’s that?” she asked as she watched a large muscled man whose cocks reminded her heavily of Vincent.
“Whether you will stay and be our jiya, or go back home to be a sex therapist.” Surprised she looked up at him. “You cannot have both, Anya. These men want to fuck and fuck badly. If you stay, you will be of continual use to us. If, though, you would prefer not to give up your life, I will take you home now and you will not be bothered with us again.”
Her jaw dropped open. “You would take this away from me just because I want it all?” That was preposterous! She should be able to keep her life and have all these men and their cocks.
Laughing, he nodded. “Anya, you cannot have it all. You either get us, or your life. If you choose us, you will stay here. There is magic in this glade. It has kept all of us alive and vibrant for well over a hundred years. It will do the same for you. Or, we will wipe your memory of the whole evening and you will go on as before, unaware of us.” He stroked her cheek lightly. “Jiya, there are a hundred men here. If you stay, they will want use of you any time they are in the mood. We cannot call you back from your dimension just when we want you. Nor can we leave you with the knowledge that beings from other dimensions exist. Now can we?”

* * * * *

Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale

Length: Novelette
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Fiction
Series: None

Sex therapist Anya Travers doesn’t have many complaints about her lover. Peter is attentive and loves to bring her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, so far, he hasn’t been willing to give her one thing. And that one thing she wants one more than anything.

Imagine her surprise when he finally reveals why and she has far more reasons to rejoice than she ever dreamed!

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