U is for Underdog, Unicorns, and Uniforms. #SpankA2Z

Okay, so I originally had a great one for U. Do any of you remember Underdog? I had such fond memories of Underdog and thought He would be perfect!

And then I looked him up on YouTube and saw a video. 🙁

Oh dear. This definitely did not age well. The non-politically correct nature was so incredibly bad I winced. Yes, I know they weren’t PC back then, but oh my. Plus, I was amazed at how little Underdog was actually IN his cartoons.

So, I went on to a different U – Unicorns. Well, when I think of unicorns, I think of:

But I thought more about unicorns and put the fact that this is a kinky blog and thought “oh dear” people are going to think unicorn in terms of The elusive, mythical creature that is a bi-female willing to join a couple for the perfect MFF (male/female/female) threesome.

So I scratched that one out. Which left me with one U a lot of us can get behind. Or, even, over the knee for. Uniform.

So, I went looking for just the right uniform pic.

photo credit: Kim Scarborough via photopin cc
Uhhh, not quite what I was going for
photo credit: Susan and Bobby via photopin cc

Oh, dear god, no

photo credit: saigneurdeguerre via photopin cc

Well, at least this one was good for a laugh.
And who knows, he might have known how to swing that arm.

photo credit: Maxim34374 via photopin cc

WTF? NO! Wrong kind of uniform!

photo credit: Sister72 via photopin cc
Oooh, warmer
Definitely getting warmer. Approaching hot!

photo credit: NYCMarines via photopin cc
Scalding! You’ve done it! Nom, nom nom.
Wait. Where was I?

I don’t remember, You guys continue on with the hop. I’m gonna keep a watch on these guys.

I mean…they may get naughty and need a derriere to spank. 
It’s a dangerous job but somebody’s gotta do it.

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