It’s them! #SeductiveSnS #WIP #gay #glbt #scifi #fantasy

Hello Seductive Studs & Sirens! I thought I would continue on with The Chosen as you seemed to like last week’s posting.

* * * * *

The performers were building into some sort of crescendo and I waited to see what wonder they would create next. And then they fell silent. At first, when they all looked over our heads toward the arch in the back, I assumed it was part of the act. As several gasps filled the air, I so desperately wanted to turn around but father had not moved so neither did I. 
Feeling my sister’s horror, I turned toward her. “Cadit,” Cadia hissed. “It’s them!” Her pale face had grown paler and I whipped around to look in the direction she was facing, only to feel the blood leave my face as well. 
The Chosen Army was the most feared group in our district. While I was quite tall at six feet, these men would have dwarfed me. They stood at least six-five if not more and were wide as well as tall. With a uniform of crisp black pants and a silvery jacket, all of them unwrinkled and straight with some sort of symbol on their left shoulder, they would have caught our attention if just one of them had walked in. But no. They always came in numbers. And a person could tell why they were arriving by how many there were.
* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed another peek into Cadit of Leftonhause in The Chosen.

Now, on with the rest of the hop…

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