He had to read the whole thing #SeductiveSnS #gay #scifi #fantasy

Hello, Seductive Studs & Sirens! It’s another wonderful Saturday, which means lots of wonderful snippets from GLBT+ fiction. Could anything be better? Hmm, maybe I’d better not ask that question 😉

Here is another part of The Chosen with Cadit of Leftonhause. It continues from last week’s.

* * * * *

The performers still hadn’t said a word, hadn’t even moved from their positions, as if frozen. I would have thought they had been turned to stone if it weren’t for the fact their chests rose fast and hard and their eyes followed the army.
“People of Stadlen,” boomed a voice making both me and my sister jump. “We are here today for one of our chosen. This individual has caught the eye of our most esteemed Jarat and should be considered lucky as their every need will be attended to as they attend their master.”
“No.” The word was so soft it may have not even been spoken, but I heard it nonetheless in my head. Even knowing Father would not be pleased, I reached over and grasped Cadia’s hand. They would not take my sister. We could not allow it. Could father say she was already promised to someone? A little hope bloomed in my chest. Even though it wasn’t official, if father had already agreed, then surely that was good enough. 
One of the performers seemed shaken into action at the words. Standing up straight, he turned toward the man who had spoken. “Who?”
As if knowing that by taking his time he was prolonging our agony, the man pulled out a scroll and opened it. Of course he couldn’t be nice and just tell us the name. No. He had to read the whole thing. Cadia shook throughout each word, tears spilling over her cheeks in fear of her name being the one they read. Her fear attached to me and we vibrated together, my right hand clutching my leg like a vice.

* * * * *

This was originally going to be where I stopped posting Cadit, but there is another snippet I want to give before I switch to the 3rd in the Logan/Christian series All They Ever Needed. So next week you’ll get one last Cadit post.

But I do have a post from Breathe Each Other In on the Saturday Spankings bloghop if you want to get started with Logan & Christian’s final book. (Yep, I’m a tease – I freely admit it 🙂 )

Here’s the rest of the hop –

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