Ruffians in uniform #SeductiveSnS #scifi #fantasy #gay #glbt

It’s time for Seductive Studs & Sirens again. Happy? I am 🙂 And I’m continuing on with The Chosen from where I stopped last week.

* * * * *

Cadia shrunk, as though trying to remain invisible and realizing they would actually be able to choose my sister now that she was of age, I puffed up my chest a bit, trying to hide her from their gaze.
The twelve walked in formation, their gazes looking over the audience, almost without seeing. I had never seen them up close and was surprised to find they all had silver eyes. Silver? That was an unknown color, but then again, they were aliens. Their skin was an unsightly dark tan, their jaws squared, their black hair cut straight at their shoulders. Ruffians in uniform. 
“Look away,” Father hissed as I continued to stare and blushing a little I turned back to the stage. How could he not want to look? They were ugly but imposing, and I was scared for Cadia. What if they took her?
When the first of their guard reached the stage, six stayed where they were and the other six walked around the front and up the other aisle. Penning us in. My hands shook slightly and I grasped my legs to stop them from twitching.

* * * * *

Hope you are enjoying this look into The Chosen with Cadit of Leftonhause. I’ll have one more week of Cadit before I turn to Breathe Each Other In, the final book in Logan & Christian’s All They Ever Needed trilogy which will be out the end of this summer.

On with the hop!

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