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It’s Seductive Studs & Sirens time again. And I’m giving you another taste from The Chosen, my work in progress, continuing on from where I stopped last week.

* * * * *

If they had come to make trouble, which wasn’t common but still happened, they came in twos and threes. But there were twelve of them today and that did not bode well for one of the females in the audience. For twelve meant they were here to remove one of them, for her to become a consort of one of their leaders. Shamed, never to become a wife or mother, but to serve one of their brotherhood for the rest of her life. 
Anger stirred in my chest. We were not allowed to disagree or fight against them, not that it would do any good. Our leaders had declared that if the Chosen Army came to town, we were to hand over whatever female they wanted without question. She was a noble sacrifice for them keeping us safe.

Bah! Safe? We had been told that a horrible alien army had tried to take over our planet and if it hadn’t been for the Chosen Army that all of us would have become slaves, but many of us – at least my friends and myself – felt it was a lie. We just didn’t know why or what the truth might actually be. I wasn’t even sure what their name actually was. The Chosen Army came out of the fact they always called the female a ‘chosen’. Chosen for ruin.

* * * * *

dun dun dun…

Now enjoy the rest of the hop!

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