He was thinking about it. Again. #satspanks

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The third in my All They Ever Needed trilogy will soon be published by Blushing Books. Logan & Christian – love these two men. I shared one small snippet a few weeks ago and it’s time to start sharing more Breathe Each Other In.

Logan’s fall term is up and Christian has missed his man like crazy.

The last two months had been busy between work and starting on rebuilding his own car with Logan’s father. Added in the fact he had become a sponge for any information he could get about domestic discipline and sometimes he felt as though his head would explode.
Of course, his intense need to keep busy was built on the fact he missed Logan like crazy. If it weren’t for the fact Logan was graduating in June, he had seriously considered moving to Seattle for a while. So far he had managed to convince himself that was a stupid thing to contemplate. Here he held down a good job. Quitting just so he would be in the same city and the same bed as his man on a daily basis was not the smart thing to do.
And yet he was thinking about it. Again.

UPDATE (7/3/2018) Breathe Each Other In was rewritten and republished by A Thia Thing in September 2017 – as such, the snippet could have changed.

Book Cover: Breathe Each Other in
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Breathe Each Other in


Christian takes to heart everything he learns from Logan's father. As he and Logan go forward in their DD relationship, he finds that he’s willing to not just take on the mantle of head of house, but to embrace it. With Logan graduating from college, Christian takes the next logical step and asks his boyfriend to move in.

Even with the stress of student teaching and trying to figure out what to do after graduation, Logan leaps at the chance to live with the man he loves. The pressure of graduation begins to get to him and the only thing keeping him grounded is the amazing man at his side.

Those closest to them make huge changes in their own lives and when an unexpected job offer lands in Logan's lap, they have to make a life-altering decision. No matter which way they go, they need to give something up. Play it safe and stay home or accept the job and move away from their families? When it comes to decision time, there is one thing they are not willing to part with. That one thing makes all the difference in the world.

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